• Boarding Students

    In 2009, The Woodstock Academy opened its doors to welcome boarding students from around the world. Since then, our campus has had students from Spain, Jamaica, China, Korea, Germany, Italy and Rwanda enroll and become part of its Academy family. The goal of the admissions department is to enhance this program by seeking applications from a diverse group of students. The relationship becomes beneficial for the international student because he or she is able to experience America’s rich culture and also gain a top-notch college preparatory education. In turn, domestic students at The Academy are able to meet young people from around the world and share their culture and experiences.

    The Woodstock Academy offers international students an amazing experience and many educational opportunities. WA offers English Language Learners several classes and levels to help them improve their English while they are studying here in the US. Each student has a college counselor who helps them plan their schedule and ensures that they are taking all of the correct classes to be accepted to a University in the United States.