• Story Telling   

  • “Lord Polonius: What do you read, my lord?
    Hamlet: Words, words, words."  ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

  • At the heart of the The Woodstock Academy English program is the belief that through the skilled use of language, an individual understands, interprets, enjoys, and in part creates the world. The sequence of English courses at The Woodstock Academy augments students’ cultural and functional literacies and strengthens the language arts skills: reading, writing, speaking, critical viewing and critical thinking.

    Through literature-based curricula, both English 1 and 2 enhance reading, writing and speaking skills. However, English 2, Sophomore Writing Workshop, emphasizes student writing in various genres. Students continue in English 3, a thematic study of classic and contemporary American literature and its cultural contributions. Seniors must complete at least one credit in English chosen from subject or genre-specific courses. Shakespeare, mythology, science fiction, and poetry name just a few. Additional electives include Creative Writing, Introduction to Theatre, and Theatre Workshop.­ With departmental approval and supervision, seniors may also arrange independent studies in areas of special interest.
    What sets WA apart:
    • 2 Early College Experience Courses through UConn
    • 3 Writing Labs
    • The Writing Centaur – a student-run writing support center
    • Annual performance of Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA
    • Co-curricular activities – The Spire (yearbook), From the Deep End (student literary magazine), and Theatre Club
    • Annual theatrical student performances in Bates Auditorium
    • Annual Robertson Essay contest, a competition for seniors, the winner of which receives a monetary prize and the honor of reading his or her essay at graduation.
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