• “Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius

  • Social Studies courses at The Woodstock Academy engage learners by encouraging them to identify and form points of view, develop clear oral and written expression, and think critically. Students take three required social studies courses as a part of the core curriculum. Freshman students start broad with World History or World Cultures. Sophomores get specific with U.S. Government and Politics where they learn about and how to participate in federal, state, and local government and politics. Juniors study U.S. Modern History. Elective course offerings include Sociology, Psychology, Military History, Latin American History, International Relations I and II, Connecticut History, and many more.

    What sets WA apart:

    • Nationally ranked Model United Nations club – top 150 programs in the country
    • 4 AP courses in Government and Politics, European History, US History, and Psychology
    • Early College Experience credit, through University of Connecticut, for European History and International Relations 2
    • 11 elective courses, to include: Economics, Social Activism, International Relations 1 & 2, Military History, and Current Events


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