• Classification

    The thirty-member Board of Trustees consists of three classes: Trustees of the Community, Trustees of the Corporation, and Trustees of the Sending Towns.

    • Trustees of the Corporation serve a 6-year term that may be renewed upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustee’s Nominating Committee. All Trustees of the Corporation have attended The Academy for a minimum of one year. Trustees of the Corporation must comprise at least one-third of the full board.
    • Trustees of the Community serve a six-year term that may be renewed upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees Nominating Committee. The number of Trustees of the Community cannot exceed two-thirds of the total membership.
    • Trustees of the Sending Towns are representatives of a Board of Education that has chosen The Woodstock Academy as its designated high school. The term of each Trustee of the Sending Towns expires upon the re-organization of his/her Board of Education.
    • The Board of Trustees also confers the title of Honorary Trustee upon those individuals who have provided distinguished service to The Academy. Honorary Trustees are not entitled to voting privileges.
  • Officers

    Mrs. Christine Swenson

    Mr. Edwin Higgins, Esq.

    Mrs. Philippa Paquette

    Asst. Secretary

    Mr. Hans Rhynhart '89

    Dr. Walter McGinn
    Asst. Treasurer


    Trustees of the Corporation

    Dr. Samantha Asikainen '90

    Mrs. Martha Beckwith '80

    Mr. Cary Bentley '98

    Mr. Robert Blackmer '77

    Mrs. Leisl Langevin '04

    Mr. Jeffrey Larrow '04

    Mr. David Morse '76

    Ms. Heather Munroe '87

    Mr. Hans Rhynhart '89

    Mr. Matthew Rich '15

    Mr. Scott Young '82

  • Trustees of the Community

    Mr. Garry Carabeau

    Ms. Nancy Duvall

    Mr. Edwin Higgins, Esq.

    Dr. Walter McGinn

    Mrs. Philippa Paquette

    Mr. Eric Quinn

    Dr. Leonard Samborowski

    Mrs. Christine Swenson



    Trustees of the Sending Towns

    Dr. Melissa Perkins-Banas

    Mr. Andrew Bessette

    Mr. Robert Ellsworth

    Mr. Brent Tuttle


    Mr. Adam Keser


  • Honorary Trustees

    Mrs. Barbara Child '61

    Mr. Paul Kelly '69

    Mrs. Jeri Musumeci '63