1. Complete your application(s) online or by paper and submit them.
    2. Submit your essay(s) with your application(s).
    3. Submit your application payment(s) with the application(s).
    4. Be sure to complete the *FERPA on the Common Application.
    5. Upload your resume under the Writing section of the Common Application in the Additional Information section.
    6. Enter your colleges into Naviance: Log into Naviance: 1. Click on the "Colleges" tab 2. Click on "colleges I am thinking about." 3. enter the colleges you plan on applying to. (NOTE: The counseling office cannot send your transcript or letters of recommendation until this is completed!)
    7. Send your SAT and/or ACT scores to all the colleges you are applying to 1. Log into your SAT and/or ACT account 2. View your scores 3. Click on "send scores". (NOTE: Scores can take some time to get to colleges so request they be sent at least 2 weeks in advance of the college deadline.)
    8. Submit a Request to the counseling office for Transcript/Letters of Recommendation Form for each college you are applying to at least 2 weeks prior to the college deadline. These request forms are available in the counseling office.
    9. Apply for Financial Aid
    10. Request quarter 1 grades to be sent to colleges if required by the college (NOTE: you must complete a form in the counseling office for these grades to be sent.)

    *FERPA: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. The student must complete the Common Application FERPA in order for The Woodstock Academy to send academic materials on their behalf.