• Résumé

    Developing a professional resume is an important aspect of post graduation planning. When applying for a job or to college you want to be able to share what you have done outside of the classroom. This is a great way to highlight your involvements during the high school years.

  • Résumé Tips:
    -Check spelling and spacing.
    -If an activity needs explaining, provide a brief description of what it is. Do not assume the reader of your Résumé will know.
    -Add only those activities your have participated in during the high school years. However, if you started something before high school and are still doing it, you should add it. this shows commitment over a period of time and is exactly what the reader wants to see.
    -Include activities and athletics that you may have participated in outside the school setting
    -Do NOT use the "resume program" in Naviance. Use the sample resume on the side of this page instead.
    -Be sure to email your Résumé to your counselor so that it can be edited.