• The Board of Trustees


    From its establishment in 1801, The Woodstock Academy’s charter envisioned a school with private school education for a public purpose. It is one of Connecticut’s three endowed and incorporated town academies, and one of twenty-three in the nation.

    A thirty-member appointed Board of Trustees governs The Academy, with oversight by the members of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee on the Board of Trustees identifies, qualifies, and nominates candidates to fill Trustee vacancies. The Committee identifies individuals with diverse backgrounds who can provide the perspective and judgment essential to governing The Academy. The Committee considers the professional skills required by the Trustees at any given time (due to circumstances or a recent vacancy) and endeavors to identify candidates who can best serve these needs. The Committee also considers a candidate's personal skills, specifically their ability to work collaboratively with other Trustees. The Committee does not consider a candidate's financial resources in the nomination process.

    The Trustees are committed to governing The Woodstock Academy in compliance with state and federal regulations, and to providing effective stewardship for all public and private funds that support the school’s mission.


    The Woodstock Academy Corporation

    The Woodstock Academy Corporation shall exist to maintain and operate a school and engage in educational enterprises in said town of Woodstock for the benefit of the inhabitants of said town and vicinity.

    The members of said Corporation shall consist, first, of all persons now living who are so-called stockholders of record of said Corporation, and second, of all persons twenty-one years of age or over who shall have attended The Academy conducted by said Corporation the equivalent of one school year, and shall have completed thereby with credit, the equivalent of one school year's work. The so-called stock of said Corporation hereafter shall not be transferrable by sale, gift, will, distribution, or otherwise.
    All the property and affairs of said Corporation shall be under the management and control of a Board of Trustees consisting of not more than thirty and not less than five persons.

    The Corporation meets annually in August/September to review the Annual Report.