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  • The Writing Centaur

    Mission: Improving writers—one paper at a time.

    The purpose of The Writing Centaur is to provide a hands-off method of tutoring to help writers improve.

    No matter your place in the writing process, feel free to take a trip to The Writing Centaur. We can help you do anything from brainstorming to editing a final draft!

    The Writing Centaur is available to anyone—whether you’re a student with a paper, or a faculty or community member with an independent piece. As long as you have two copies of your paper and a head full of ideas, we’re happy to help!

  • Who? The tutors are students who have completed a full credit training course in peer tutoring and writing.

    What? A hands-off tutoring method that ensures the writer remains the “expert” on his/her paper. Students may bring work at any stage of the process, or of any genre: essays, lab reports, homework prompts, creative writing, and more!

    Where? The writing centaur is housed in the library conference room.

    When? Blocks 1-4, and before or after school by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome during the day, or schedule an appointment and you will receive an appointment card ahead of time to confirm your session.

    How? Stop in during a free period, lunch, or after school. If your teacher will permit you to visit the writing centaur during class time, you can obtain an appointment card ahead of time to confirm your session. After your conference with a tutor, your teacher will receive a “tutor note” via Google doc summarizing what you worked on.

  • Interested in becoming a Writing Centaur Tutor?

    Students who have successfully completed English I are eligible to enroll in the tutor training course, Writing Center Theory and Practice. Potential tutors should see Dr. Harten for details; come prepared with the name of a teacher or guidance counselor who is willing to serve as your reference.

    Tutors and future tutors: Confused about which writing center course to enroll in?

    Writing Center Theory and Practice (Course Number 1901):

    This course is for students wishing to work in the writing center. It is a prerequisite for The Writing Center Internship. In order to take this course, students must have taken English 1 and have spoken with Dr. Harten.

    The Writing Center Internship (Course Number 1915):

    Students who have completed Writing Center Theory and Practice must enroll in The Writing Center Internship for at least one semester, though they may work as many subsequent semesters for additional credits as their schedules permit. Students may register for a half credit if they wish to work every other day in the writing center or for 1 credit if they wish to work every day in the writing center.