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  • Welcome to The Woodstock Academy!

    Day and boarding students from our six sending towns and from around the United States and the world choose to attend The Woodstock Academy!

    Through a rigorous curriculum and a variety of programs, each student is prepared to cultivate the necessary skills to become a lifelong learner and challenged to explore what it means to be a global citizen. 

    “I chose The Woodstock Academy because of the reputation of the music department and all the experiences it offers.” 
    – Heather

    Led by practicing artists and musicians, our Fine Arts Department helps students discover and express their creative voice. With over 30 art and music courses offered, students enjoy courses ranging from Music Production in our lab and recording studio to Digital Drawing and Ceramics in our art studios. 

    Learn more about Fine Arts at The Woodstock Academy.
    Your team is your family. I really enjoy the closeness and the respect everyone gives each other.
    – Hannah

    The Woodstock Academy offers over 50 teams for athletes of all levels. Student-athletes cultivate their mind, body, and spirit in ways that inspire, teach positive life lessons, and create enjoyment.

    Learn more about Centaur Nation.
    “We had all come together, brought our respective assets, and created something collectively that had an impact! Being in the production was a time of growth for me, I made new friends, became more disciplined with my time, and had a really great time.”
    - Ben

    Through theater at The Woodstock Academy, whether in the spotlight or managing behind the scenes, students become a part of a collective effort to bring art to life. The newly refinished Loos Center for the Arts is home to both student and guest performances.

    Learn more about Theater at The Woodstock Academy.
    The Academy has given me the opportunity to discover new things, become more independent, and learn valuable skills that I’ll use for the rest of my life.
    - Bruce

    Through more than 40 clubs and organizations, students explore new interests, new ways to further their knowledge, and new avenues for uncovering all that life offers. Opportunities in theatre, music, volunteer service, politics, government, publications, and more enrich the WA experience. The rich variety of activities helps our community promote diversity and inclusion.

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    My favorite thing about The Academy is all the opportunities it opens up. So many schools just don’t have the options that our school gives us.
    – Anna

    Through world travel and cultural exchanges, students become more informed, culturally-sensitive world citizens. Students have three, or more, opportunities to travel locally, nationally, and globally throughout the year.
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    Take a tour of The Woodstock Academy and learn more about our programs even when you aren't able to make it to campus.

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