• Post Graduate Program

    The Post Graduate Program at The Woodstock Academy offers students the opportunity to extend their studies and experiences after they have earned a high school diploma. Students can apply for and be enrolled in a semester or a full year at The Academy.  Some students know early that they are going to delay their college application process because they want to take more classes or have more options available to them when they apply to college. Other students are not completely satisfied with their college acceptance list and decide they would like to spend another year strengthening their grades and experiences.  At The Woodstock Academy we offer a variety of courses and support systems that will help students prepare for college or university. 

    Once enrolled, a PG student should be taking courses that enhance their academic profile or fill in gaps in the undergraduate transcript.  These courses could be Advanced Placement courses that prepare a student for the college experience and help the student earn early credit for college. They could also be a variety of classes that enhance the student's understanding in math, science, English Literature, or social studies.   

    Students may choose to pursue a PG program for a variety of reasons. Here are three scenarios of students who may choose to enroll in The Woodstock Academy Post Grad Program. 


    Global Explorer - Meet Madison

    Madison has been interested in world cultures all of her life. She applies to college and is accepted to several, but she really wants to attend a college with a strong study abroad program. She decides to take one more semester in a PG program. During her semester, Madison continues her studies in language and enriches her academics with additional Advanced Placement courses.


    Art School Bound - Meet Alex

    Alex has completed 4 years and has earned a high school diploma. His goal is to be admitted to a competitive Fine Art School on the east coast. During Alex’s senior year, he realized that his portfolio was not as comprehensive as he would have liked and, with the advice of his counselor, he decides to add a year to his studies. He attends The Woodstock Academy where he takes 4 additional specialty art courses, an AP English class, and an engineering course. Alex spends his PG year enhancing his portfolio, compiling his applications, and preparing for admissions interviews for the colleges and universities of his choice.


    Athletic Intent - Meet Ethan

    Ethan has spent the last 4 years dreaming of playing basketball in college. During his junior year of high school, he was given advice to attend a PG program so that he could mature physically before he looked into schools. His coaches and counselors also thought another year of studying in a high school environment would only improve his study skills and habits. He spends his PG year working out with the PG basketball team, playing in exhibition games, talking with college recruiters, and learning how to improve his study skills. Ethan plans to sign his letter of intent in November of his PG year at The Woodstock Academy.