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  • Welcome Letter from the Director of Athletics

    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    Your child’s safety, development, and personal growth are of great importance to everyone associated with the Woodstock Academy Department of Athletics: Director of Athletics, Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletic Trainers, Coaches, and Contest Staff. It is very important to us to make sure you get the necessary information you need related to scheduling, game/practice cancellations, directions, and all other information related to the athletic teams. You can obtain all schedule information on the web by clicking the Athletic Calendar link on the left. At that website you can also sign up to receive automatic game cancellation notifications and game time/location changes. Also please feel free to contact the athletic office with any questions related to the game and practice schedule.
    All communication regarding your child’s position on the team (Varsity, JV, Freshman) and role on the team (playing time, line up, captain status, areas of improvement needed) will be between the coaching staff and the player. All coaches are expected to have an open door policy as it relates to player/coach communication. Additionally, coaches will schedule informal times to meet with players to discuss player selection, performance, role on the team, and areas for growth. There is nothing more important to us than the development of a relationship with each player in our athletics program. Your child may not always like the feedback they receive, but they will always receive honest and direct feedback from their coaches. Coaches are there for their athletes to discuss anything and everything. Problems cannot be solved without two way communication so we encourage the athletes to speak to their coach when they have a question or concern.
    There are several reasons why we encourage and limit performance/playing discussions to the student-athlete and the coaches:
    1. There are strong educational benefits that occur when a player takes “ownership” of his/her relationship with their coach. It is important for your student(s) to learn how to ask questions and express concerns with adults in ways that are both forceful and appropriate.
    2. In the past, parents have tried to communicate with the coach without their child’s knowledge. This has proven to be damaging for both the coaches’ relationship with the player and the player’s relationship with the parent(s).
    3. Invariably parent concerns for “playing time”. By their nature, playing time discussions also involve an evaluation of someone else’s child. It is inappropriate for a coach to talk about another player on the team with a parent.
    If there are concerns other than your child’s position, role on the team, or playing time there is a proper chain of command to follow when dealing with conflict resolution.  Should a parent or athlete have a question or concern regarding athletics at Woodstock Academy, the chain of command to address the question/concern is:
    1. Coach (this may include the head coach and/or an assistant coach)
    • NOT Prior to or immediately following a game
    • NOT During a practice session
    • NOT During a time when other teammates are present
    • NOT If there is insufficient time for a complete discussion
    2. Athletic Director
    3. Associate Head of School
    4. Head of School
    5. Board of Trustees
    Every playing decision that is made by our coaching staff is made with great care and concern for the overall good of the team. We want each individual to have a great experience in our athletic program, but on some occasions, the needs of the team will take precedence over the needs of the individual player. No decision is made lightly. We look forward to a great season for our teams and for your child.
    Sean Saucier
    Director of Athletics
    (860) 928-6575 ext. 1181