• Facility Use Request

    Thank you for your interest in our facilities. Our buildings are valuable community assets used by community groups for meetings and events. We are glad to accommodate these groups whenever we can. If you would like information about which space might be the most suitable for your use, or have other questions, please contact facilityuse@woodstockacademy.org


    Reserve Now

    If you choose to reserve one of our spaces, please keep in mind that fees may be charged to offset associated operating costs. Any organization using The Academy's facilities must meet insurance requirements and have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with The Academy.

    Register for an Account (For non-WA Employees)

    All facility use requests are now completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create a user account. You can do so by clicking the Register icon to the left of the below video. Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. If your registration was successful you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The video below will provide additional information. 
(First Time, Non-WA Employees Only)

  • Login & Request

    Once your account is created, and your group has been approved, you can start making facility reservations. Click the calendar icon to the left to reach the Login screen. The video below will further explain the request process.
    Note: WA Employees log in with their myWA Network Credentials. If you are an employee who has forgotten your credentials, please visit the IT Office.
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