• WA Assist

    What's wrong?

    Wrong  Is iOS is up-to-date? 

    Correct  Are managed apps are up-to-date?

    Correct  Is iPad free of any VPNs?


    How do you fix it?

    Update iOS on this iPad to the latest version by navigating to the Settings App > General > Software Update > Download & Install

    After you update, click the "Inventory" Inventory Icon   app from this iPad's home screen to speed up the check in process.

    If iOS is up-to-date on this iPad but you are still missing apps, and you've run the "Inventory" Inventory Icon   app, stop by the IT Office.


    Seeing a message that there isn't enough available storage?

    You can delete apps from the Settings App > General > Software Update > Usage Settings

    From this list, you can delete games and other non-educational apps. Feel free to reinstall after the update is completed.