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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of summer programs are available at The Woodstock Academy?

    • Woodstock Academy College Immersion Program (WACIP)
    • Centaur Summer Camp
    • Day Basketball Camp
    • Summer Intensive Program
    • Academy Credit Program

    Can you provide details on the curriculum and activities included in the summer programs?
    Details about these programs can be found by clicking on any of the program pictures above.

    What is the student-to-teacher ratio in the summer programs?
    It will average a 1:7 ratio, but it depends on the program the student is interested in.

    Are there any programs specifically designed for international students?
    The Woodstock Academy College Immersion Program (WACIP) is designed with International Students in mind–but we are hopeful that West Coast students will join us as well.

    There is also the option for International Students to stay on our campus and attend the Centaur Summer Overnight Camp. This program is designed mostly for students ages 11-14 from any background. Due to the younger age, we do ask that student groups also bring along chaperones to stay on our campus with the students. 

    The Summer Intensive Program at The Woodstock Academy allows future international Woodstock Academy students to come to our campus a few weeks early, and catch up on some credits they might need for our school. This program runs in the month of August and combines taking high school courses with the ability to enjoy our beautiful campus and the surrounding area at a relaxed pace.

    How does The Woodstock Academy address language barriers, and are there ESL support services?
    WACIP will be providing some ESL, but that will not be the main focus. We hope that students have a basic understanding of English so that they can get the most out of the college tours and curriculum that is provided.

    The Summer Intensive and Academy Credit Programs will have an ESL component for students attending WA in the fall to continue during the school year.

    Are there any college preparatory courses or SAT/ACT preparation included?
    WACIP is specifically designed as college prep, and if interested, students can opt into SAT prep.

    What are the qualifications of the coaches or instructors for the summer programs?
    WACIP will be led by Omega Education Consulting, Inc., and their staff. Omega is a concierge-style educational consulting firm based in New York City. Since 1998, founder Steve Cruz and his team have guided hundreds of students through the college admissions process. They deliver unparalleled guidance and support to students and their families applying to educational programs of every level. Omega students have been accepted to Harvard University, Brown University (including their exclusive PLME Program), Northwestern University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Georgetown University, New York University, Skidmore College, Boston College, Cornell University, Northeastern University, Babson College, Yale University, University of California Los Angeles, among many others. 

    Centaur Summer Camp and Summer Intensive programs are led by certified teachers with advanced degrees in their fields or the field of education. Many of the educators running these programs have been in education for ten years or more. The teachers at The Woodstock Academy are highly qualified, and have a passion for working with children and young adults.

    How does The Woodstock Academy ensure the safety and well-being of students during summer programs?
    Our campus is located in the safe and quiet town of Woodstock, CT. Besides the natural safety that this area provides, we also will have dorm parents provided for the students and available for the students when they are not in class and overnight. 

    Are there boarding options available for international students?
    Yes, boarding is available for our International Students. We have a variety of dorms on our campus.

    How does The Woodstock Academy handle medical emergencies or health care needs during the programs?
    Nursing staff are onsite between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Nursing staff will be on call 24 hours a day. Our campus is just 10 minutes away from the closest hospital, should an emergency arise.
    What opportunities are there for cultural exchange and interaction with local students?
    WACIP, Summer Intensive, and the Academy Credit Programs are being run in a manner that will have students from all over the world learning together. 
    The Centaur Summer Camp is designed for local students and international students to learn and interact together while enjoying our beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities. 

    What are the costs associated with the summer programs?
    Program costs can be found above by clicking on the linked images. The cost for International Students to attend Centaur Summer Camp varies. We ask that you reach out to one of the program directors for more information.

    How can parents stay informed about their child's progress and experiences during the program?
    The WACIP will have a specific meeting with parents to inform them of what students learned during the program, and to answer any college questions they might have. Also, Omega Education Consulting, Inc. is offering students who complete the program a complimentary, private meeting with a college professional. This twenty-minute meeting will be arranged once the program is over and provide students and families the opportunity to start planning their next steps.

    Students will have access to Wi-Fi while on campus and are encouraged to check in with families nightly. 

    What are the application requirements and deadlines for the summer programs?
    Any student staying overnight on our campus, for any program, will need to be signed up by June 1st. Students attending a Day program will need to register up to two weeks before the start date. 

    How does The Woodstock Academy assist with visa application processes for international students?
    Students coming to these programs will need a Tourist visa (B-2). Information about applying for the Tourist Visa can be found on the program web page. Our Admissions Department can assist with that process.

    Can you provide information on post-program opportunities or pathways to further education at The Woodstock Academy or other institutions?
    Students who attend WACIP or the basketball program will be encouraged to reach out to camp directors for assistance with future educational opportunities.

    Are there any testimonials or feedback from previous international participants in the summer programs?
    “Omega was an unbelievable source of support throughout the entire college application process. They truly went above and beyond in terms of dedication and effort, and apart from helping me get into my dream college, they also helped me become a better writer."
    - Robert, Austria (Harvard University)

    “Omega not only prepared me to be a competitive candidate for the college admissions season, the counselors also helped me move outside my comfort zone in terms of what activities I tried and schools I applied to. Also, their guidance and constant check-ins allowed me to always stay on track to achieve my goals.”
    - Isabel, Dominican Republic (Brown University)

    “Omega helped me achieve my educational goals. The support of the team was amazing. It helped me understand the US educational system better.”-Louisa, France (Boston College)
    “In working with Steve Cruz and Omega it was clear from the very beginning how much the client is genuinely cared about and valued not only as a student but as a person."
    - Jack, United States (New York University)

    “The Woodstock Academy has presented me with leadership opportunities and allowed me to explore my passions. I feel that I have been able to truly focus on improving my current talents while also discovering new ones."
    - Aleena, Class of 2023

    "The Woodstock Academy has helped me feel better prepared for my future by giving me so many opportunities to learn new things. I’m developing a variety of skills that I can apply to future activities."
    - Halie, Class of 2024

    "WA has gotten me out of my comfort zone. There are so many different clubs and activities to try. There’s also a lot of diversity on campus; I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. It inspires me to want to study abroad and travel the world in the future."
    - Madison, Class of 2025