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  • Common Help Questions

  • Q. How do I use the classroom phone, record, and check my voicemail? (Employees Only)

  • Q. How do I set up my WA email on my phone?

  • Q. How do I print?

  • Q. Which accessories are compatible with WA iPads?

  • Q. Can I use a personally owned iPad instead of my school assigned one?

  • Q. Which Wi-Fi do I connect to?

  • Q. My "friend" told me to install a VPN, what are they, and am I allowed to?

  • Q. I've lost/misplaced my iPad, can someone help?

  • Q. My email, calendar, and/or notes apps are missing content, or showing an error stating there is a "server error". What do I do?

  • Q. I've accidentally damaged my iPad, what do I do?

  • Q. My work won't submit through the Canvas app, can you help?

  • Q. I can't join my classes in teams/teams is laggy. How do I fix this?

  • Q. What is WA Assist?