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    The Story:

    Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a teenage boy from Chicago. He and his mother move to the small town of Bomont after his father abandons them. Upon arriving, Ren finds himself at odds with most of the town, including the Reverend Bomont. The Reverend has convinced the town to outlaw dancing, which Ren finds unbelievable. With the help of the Ariel (the Reverend’s daughter) and Willard (a country hick who becomes his best friend), Ren convinces the Reverend to let the teenagers dance, and in the process helps the town to heal from a tragedy that affected them all. 


    Lead Female Roles:

    • Ariel Moore: Lead character - SHAW & VI's daughter. Sings and dances well. Vocal range requires a D with some soulish singing, ability for vocal improvisation a plus. Rebellious for a reverend's daughter, like Rizzo in Grease, but more mischievous than negative. Dances very well.
    • Vi Moore: SHAW's wife & ARIEL's mother. has duet with ETHEL - – mature vocal sound desired.
    • Ethel McCormack: REN's mother, has a duet with VI – mature vocal sound desired
    • Rusty: ARIEL's friend. Several lines, some dancing. Sings Solo & 3-part harmony with several solo lines – has F and Low A. Think girls from Little Shop, but with a few more lines.
    • Urleen: ARIEL's friend. Some lines, some dancing. Sings in 3-part harmony with several solo lines. Think girls from Little Shop, but with a few more lines.
    • Wendy Jo: ARIEL's friend. Some lines, some dancing. Sings in 3-part harmony with several solo lines. Think girls from Little Shop, but with a few more lines.


    Lead Male Roles:

    • Rev. Shaw Moore: Lead adult character, strong singer. Bomont's religious leader, father to Ariel. Solos and has a duet with VI  
    • Ren McCormack: Lead character, a teenager from Chicago, fun, quick-witted and loves to dance, out-going personality. ETHEL's son. Vocal Range: Middle D to high C, has solos, has a duet with ARIEL & harmony. Dances well, athletic skills a plus.
    • Chuck Cranston: ARIEL's boyfriend. local "bad boy". Doesn't like Ren. Sings fairly well – has B with lots of A’s & G’s, sings with ARIEL with male back up.
    • Willard Hewitt: Big guy, short temper, loves his mama. Befriended by Ren. Many lines, sings Solo & 3-part harmony with several solo lines. "Learns" to dance.


    Production Schedule:

    Students will receive a monthly calendar which will specify what material is to be covered at each weekly rehearsal.  Students are responsible for checking the calendar for specific TIMES and DATES that they need to be in attendance. If students are not a part of the scene or songs that are being covered for a scheduled rehearsal, they will not be required to attend. Some rehearsal times will change from month to month due to the pacing of the cast, snow days, etc.  Students will be notified of these changes in an updated monthly calendar. It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of their own rehearsal schedule. 


    Weekly Rehearsals:

    • Tuesdays
      • Choreography 2:45-4:45 (January - March)
      • Choreography 2:45-5:45 (April - May)
    • Wednesdays
      • Music Rehearsal 2:45-4:45 (January - March)
      • Music Rehearsal 2:45-5:45 (April - May)
    • Fridays
      • Blocking 2:45-4:45 (January - March)
      • Blocking 2:45-5:45 (April - May)


    Tech Week:

    Every cast member is REQUIRED to be at all tech week rehearsals and shows

    • Saturday, May 11th (All Day w/ Pit)
    • Monday, May 13th (5 PM - 10 PM*)
    • Tuesday, May 15th (5 PM - 10 PM*)
    • Wednesday, May 16th (5 PM - 10 PM*)
    • Thursday, May 17th (Dress Rehearsal 5 PM - 10 PM*)

    *Release time will vary depending on rehearsal factors



    • Friday, May 17th - Opening Night (7 PM)
    • Saturday, May 18th - 1 PM Show
    • Saturday, May 18th - 7 PM Show


    Mandatory Set Strike:

    • Sunday, May 19th (10 AM - 1 PM)
    • All involved cast members must attend this mandatory set strike.