• Person of the Year Award

    There are so many amazing people who support the athletics programs at The Woodstock Academy each and every year because they believe in our mission and the importance that athletics plays in the development of young people. These people, because of their innate nature, do not seek attention for their goodwill, but it is fitting and proper to recognize the hard-working and selfless people in our community who have contributed so much to our athletics program, therefore, in 2013 we introduced the Outstanding Contribution to Centaur Nation Award. The first recipient of this awards was Phil Willis and it was given to him for spearheading a fundraising campaign that brought a new portable wood court to the Alumni Fieldhouse. This new court was a catalyst for the boys’ basketball team’s amazing “Run to the Sun” and their first-ever State Championship. Watching Phil receive this award was extremely moving because he was in the midst of battling lung cancer and the Senior Award’s night was his first public appearance since he was diagnosed with cancer. Tonight’s presentation should once again be special as we award some amazing people with the Person of the Year Award.

    The William M. Bertrand (Class of 1971) Golf Award (Est. 2010)

    This award was established in memory of Alumnus William “Bill” Bertrand by his family and friends and is intended to honor golfers like Bill Bertrand who strive to make the most of their ability. This award is presented to a Woodstock Academy male and a female golfer who shows uncommon determination and dedication; shows a consistent desire and effort to improve, and is a positive influence on their teammates and classmates.

    John R. Suleski, Jr. Memorial Golf Awards (Est. 1991)

    The John R. Suleski, Jr. Memorial Golf Awards were established by the Suleski family in memory of John R.Suleski, Jr., a 1982 Academy graduate and member of the boys’ golf team. These awards recognize the most valuable Senior Golfer and the Most Improved Senior Golfer and are given annually.

    Clifford Spelman Boys Tennis Sportsmanship Award (Est. 2003)

    This award was established by Mr. Clifford Spelman, a former faculty member at The Woodstock Academy, who began the boys’ tennis program at the Academy in 1986 and coached the team for 16 years. This award recognizes the player who shows a true dedication for the game of tennis, understands the idea of teamwork, respects the rules of the game, and brings honor to The Woodstock Academy by their performance on and off the court. The recipient shall be a senior who has participated on the varsity level for at least two years; has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship as a member of the team; has made both athletic and leadership contributions to the team; and has been accepted into an institution of higher learning.

    Alfred C. Warren Soccer Sportsmanship Award (Est. 1998)

    This award was established in honor of Alfred C. Warren by his family to recognize those players who show a true love for the game of soccer, understand the foundation of teamwork, respect the rules of competition, and bring honor to The Woodstock Academy by their performance on and off the field. The recipient of this award shall be a senior who has been a member of the varsity team for at least two years; has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship as a member of the team; made both athletic and leadership contributions to the team, and shall have been accepted into an institution of higher learning.

    Senior Unified Sports Award

    This award is given to Unified Sports Athletes who, through their participation, have displayed great energy and enthusiasm for participation in sport and who have been great representatives of The Woodstock Academy.

    4 Year, 8 Season, and 12 Season Commitment Awards

    In today’s day and age, students are asked to balance school, extra-curricular activities, homework, and community service. They also have to find time for jobs, family, and friends. To be successful in sports it takes a major commitment of time and energy, therefore awards are given to athletes who have shown a commitment to participating in sports at The Woodstock Academy by honoring those who have played multiple sports seasons in three categories. We will be awarding a 4 Year Award for those who have shown a commitment to one sport for all of their years at The Woodstock Academy, we will also be honoring student-athletes who played 8 seasons of sports at The Woodstock Academy, and finally, we will be awarding those athletes who played 12 seasons of sports at The Woodstock Academy.


    National Federation of State High School Associations Award of Excellence

    This award, given to one senior male and one senior female from each Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Association member school, is awarded for exemplary sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity.

    Hannah J. Green Memorial Award

    This memorial award was established to commemorate and honor Hannah L. Green, a young woman whose courageous battle with cancer was an inspiration to everyone who knew or was associated with her. Hannah was a graduate of the Class of 2001 and is remembered by her classmates as a beautiful, lively, free-spirited, young woman full of spunk, laughter, and love—voted “Most Outgoing” in their senior superlatives. She was an active member of the Academy Community, playing soccer and basketball, and actively engaged in Academy theatre productions. Although confronted with cancer several times throughout her life, first at the age of 11, and finally succumbing to the disease at the young age of 23, she was never defeated by it. This award is given to a senior who demonstrated sportsmanship, character, desire, and determination that was representative of Hannah Louise Green.

    Evelyn & Arthur Weimann Award

    This award is given to the senior athlete who has done the most for the Athletic Department and through his/her participation has exemplified the spirit of athletics at The Woodstock Academy.

    Marvin M. Sherman Award

    Awarded to a senior male athlete who has displayed the highest level of sportsmanship, character, desire, and determination, both on and off the field of play that was representative of Marvin M. Sherman during his time at The Woodstock Academy.

    Centaur Award

    What does it mean to be a Centaur? To be a Centaur it takes the Athleticism of a horse and the intelligence of a human. But to be a Woodstock Academy Centaur takes even more than that. To be a Woodstock Academy Centaur takes heart and determination that defines The Woodstock Academy Spirit, it takes compassion to help others in need, it takes a caring spirit, someone who is committed to their academics and someone who goes above and beyond to achieve success. Recognizing all of these attributes in one female and one male senior athlete, this award is presented to a player who, in their actions, words, and deeds, truly represents what it means to be a Centaur – Academic Achievement, Athletic Participation, Leadership, Citizenship, & Sportsmanship.

    Assistant Coach of the Year Award

    Successful teams show team play, dedication, athleticism, hard work, commitment, and a never quit attitude. For a team to accomplish these things takes outstanding coaching, not only from the head coach but from the staff of assistants as well. Assistant coaches are the ones behind the scenes doing all of the little things to help the team reach their goals and aspirations. Much of their work goes unnoticed and they don’t ask for credit, but they deserve it, therefore an award was established in 2013 to recognize an outstanding assistant coach at The Woodstock Academy.

    Connecticut High Schools Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Award and CIAC Scholar-Athlete Award

    These awards are given by the Connecticut High School Coaches Association and the CIAC to one male and one female who has demonstrated a commitment to both academics and athletics during their time at The Woodstock Academy.

    The Woodstock Academy Athletic Department Award

    The Athletic Department Award, established in 2019, recognizes athletes for their effort, competitive spirit, grit, and performance during their time at The Woodstock Academy.