• Setup Warning:

    Warning Icon  It's very important that you follow along with this guide and not open apps/skip ahead until the guide instructs you to. This guide is designed to walk you through setting up the iPad in the most efficient manner. Skipping around or launching an app before it is ready may prevent apps from correctly installing configuration profiles and may cause data loss.

    Are you ready?

    Your myWA account must be activated at least 10-minutes prior to being able to set up your iPad. Have you activated your account yet?

    Yes, I've activated my account             No, I have not activated my account


    Parent & Guardian Note:

    While we welcome parents and guardians to watch along, this guide is intended for the incoming student to be the "driver" behind setting up the device. This helps them become acquainted to operating the device and helps them remember certain functions that may be required at a later time.