• Email is one of the primary methods The Woodstock Academy uses to communicate with the WA community, so ensuring that you receive our email updates is crucial to being fully-informed and fully-engaged.

    We’ll walk you through several factors that might be preventing you from seeing emails, and if you need help along the way, we are here to help!


    1. Check Your Junk Mail

    It is possible that you are receiving WA emails, but they are going to a sorted folder like “updates,” “promotions,” “spam,” or “junk.” Look in these folders first or do a search of your inbox for “The Woodstock Academy.” We usually send several emails each week, so you won’t have to scroll for very long to find an email. If you do find our emails in one of these folders you can try moving it to your primary inbox. Your email provider may give you the option to automatically put all future emails from The Woodstock Academy into your primary inbox or to add The Woodstock Academy as a contact. If you have checked all your email folders and still do not see any emails from The Woodstock Academy, then move on to step 2. 


    2. Complete the Annual Enrollment Forms

    A second possibility is that you are not receiving emails because you did not complete the Annual Enrollment Forms, and therefore you are not listed as a contact for your student. These forms are new as of this summer, so even if you received emails from WA in the past, you will not receive emails unless these forms are completed in their entirety. These forms are where we gather all student contact information, and therefore must be completed each year by parents and guardians in order to receive communication from The Woodstock Academy. 

    You can still complete the Annual Enrollment Forms at wa.powerschool.com/public by navigating to the Forms tab. A green leaf will indicate forms that are completed and a blue leaf will indicate empty forms. If there is a yellow or red leaf, then there is an issue with the information provided in the form and our IT team can assist you. Forms are only available on a web browser, not on the PowerSchool app. 

    If you have not yet created a Parent/Guardian PowerSchool account you can find instructions here.


    If you have followed the steps above and are still not receiving emails or need help, our IT team is ready to assist you through email at technology@woodstockacademy.org or over the phone during business hours at (860) 928-6575; option 8.