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  • Overview

    Many alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, foundations, and businesses have given generously to help us get to where we are. What they have helped us build is forever a part of their legacy. It is hard not to think of Henry Chandler Bowen when we think about legacy as it relates to The Academy. One could argue that if it weren’t for his generosity, The Academy may not even be here today. We will need more people with his kind of thought and dedication to continue our history of delivering excellent programs for our students.

    Membership in the Henry Chandler Bowen Legacy Society is simple. If you have chosen to include The Academy in your will, estate, trust, or another type of planned gift, we want to recognize you.  This topic is of course personal, and we won’t disclose details publicly about gifts from members of the Henry Chandler Bowen Legacy Society, unless desired.

    Timing on this Legacy Society is fitting as The Academy is in a multi-year capital and endowment project to renovate and sustain the Academy Building. The funds for this iconic building were given by Henry Chandler Bowen in the early 1870’s and it has been known by every student to attend The Academy since – quite the legacy! For almost 150 years, it has been at the forefront of our physical campus and educational programming, and with your help, will remain in that position for years to come.

  • Members

    Jay Cantor

    Barbara Child

    Vaughn Collins

    Paul Kelly

    David & Helen Richardson

    Christopher Sandford

    Jonathan & Amanda Sturdevant