• The Woodstock Academy has received a generous gift to replace the seats in the Theater at The Loos Center for the Arts on South Campus. In addition, improvements have been made to many other aspects of the Theater. As part of this process, we are conducting a campaign to name seats. Funds given to name the new seats will go directly to improvements throughout the Theater and will make a huge impact on future events and performances.

    Seats can be purchased for $200 each. Each seat will have the opportunity to include custom recognition that will be displayed on an engraved plate in the armrest or the chair (i.e. Given by George Gershwin or Given in honor of William Shakespeare).

    You have the option to name several seats together, making this a nice option for a family or as gifts.

    Each seat naming gift is tax-deductible, and you can dedicate your seat:

    • As an individual, couple, or family;
    • For your children, grandchildren, or parents
    • In memory of a loved one;
    • With the name of your business, organization, or community group;
    • Marking a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions;
    • To honor a retiring employee; or
    • With your favorite quotation

    Your support will help us better prepare the Loos Center for the Arts for years of entertainment by our students and for our community!