• “What has The Woodstock Academy done for me and what have I done for The Woodstock Academy?”

    Each year Woodstock Academy seniors have the opportunity to create a videosummarizing their WA experience to be entered into the graduation video contest. There will be two $500 prizes awarded.  One will be awarded for “Best Script,” and the other will be awarded for “Best Technical Execution.” One single video may win both awards. The winning video(s) will be showcased at the end of the school year.

    You are eligible to participate in the contest even if you have not attended The Woodstock Academy for four years, but you must be eligible to receive a diploma in order for your video to be considered. If for some reason you are eligible to receive a diploma but ineligible to participate in any or all graduation activities due to specific disciplinary action(s), your video will not be considered and/or your video will be replaced by the runner-up. 


    The requirements for the Graduation Video Contest are as follows:

    1. Each student may only submit one video, but students may assist with multiple videos.
    2. It must be no more than five (5) minutes in length.
    3. Submissions must be posted to a student OneDrive account and shared with: ecollelo@woodstockacademy.org.
    4. All submissions must include 100% original material. Official Woodstock Academy logos and stock material are encouraged and acceptable. See Mr. Collelo for royalty-free music options.
    5. Your video must portray your personal and academic experience at The Woodstock Academy. You might consider including any school personnel (teachers, guidance counselors, staff members, administrators, etc.) who were important to your success and/or positive experience at The Woodstock Academy. It should also acknowledge your future plans. 

    All submissions will be considered the official property of The Woodstock Academy and may be altered for marketing and presentation purposes.

    The following individuals are the members of the video selection committee:

    • An individual in the local media industry, i.e. a local journalist, radio personality, etc.
    • A member of The Woodstock Academy’s Board of Trustees
    • A member of The Woodstock Academy’s faculty or staff 
    • A member of The Woodstock Academy’s Communications department
    • A member of The Woodstock Academy’s administration


    Previous Years Winners