Job Shadowing

  • The Woodstock Academy Job Shadow program is designed to offer students the opportunity to learn about an occupation in which they have expressed interest. It allows students to spend time in a business observing a person in that occupation. This one-on-one interaction allows students to learn first-hand about the work activities, education needed, and the skills required to perform the job.

    What are the benefits of Job Shadowing?

    • Students make informed choices regarding educational and career goals
    • Students prepare to become skilled, productive, responsible citizens.
    • Employers help students connect their education to the business world.
    • A partnership is built between educators, employers, students, parents and the community.

    How do I schedule a shadow?

    1. Fill out the Job Shadow Request Form, go over it with your school counselor and return it to Mr. Walley
    2. Obtain the Parent Permission Form from Mr. Walley and have it signed.
    3. Print and sign the Student Confidentiality Agreement.
    4. Return all signed forms to Mr. Walley no later than 2 days prior to the scheduled job shadowing day.
    5. Research the desired career. Formulate questions you who like to ask your host.

    Days of Job Shadow

    1. Show up on time! Plan to arrive at your job shadow site 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. If you are going to be late for whatever reason call your host and inform them of your problem. .     
    2. When you arrive, introduce yourself and ask for the person you will be shadowing. Introduce yourself; shake his/her hand and politely ask for a business card. This will help you later if you forget your host’s name and also when you write your thank-you note.
    3. Dress appropriately, do not wear shorts, t-shirts, baggy pants, blue jeans, tight clothing….
    4. Be polite, listen carefully and observe.     
    5. Ask questions and make notes. He/she will appreciate your interest and will also know what part of their job interests you.
    6. When it’s time to leave, thank your host and make sure they have an Evaluation Form in the envelop provided.
    7. Make positive, lasting connections on your job shadow! You are representing yourself, your family, Woodstock Academy, and the community.

    After your Job Shadow

    1. Meet with Mr. Walley to review your experience.
    2. Bring a written Thank You, addressed to the person you shadowed, to the meeting with Mr. Walley. It will be mailed by the counseling office.


    Students not completing all job shadow requirements in a timely fashion or not attending the job shadow without prior notification will lose future job shadowing privileges
    CANCELLATION POLICY – call within 24 hours of the scheduled job shadow day to reschedule a confirmed job shadow experience; also see Mr. Walley for additional forms with revised date.
  • Applications for the job shadow program at Day Kimball Hospital are now available in the counseling office. Job shadow dates are December 2, February 5, and April 7. The slots available fill up fast. You must fill out the application and attach an immunization record (must have a flu shot for December) in order to apply. Please get the immunization record from the nurse and turn in completed application to Mr. Walley in the counseling office. The following shadows are available:

    -Cardiac Rehab Nursing
    -Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray)
    -Emergency Room Nursing
    -General Nursing
    -Information Technology (IT)
    -IV Therapy
    -Maternal Child Health Nursing
    -Nutritional Services
    -Occupational Therapy
    -Oncology Nursing
    -Pediatric Nursing
    -Perioperative Services
    -Physical Medicine (PT)
    -Respiratory Therapy
    -Speech Therapy