• Tuition & Financial Aid

    Day Student Tuition:   $14,500

    • Other charges for special services may apply

    Residential/Boarding Tuition:  $49,995 (plus fees)

    • Insurance is $2,000
    • Student Accounts must be maintained at $2,000
    • Additional Tutoring may be required. Costs are determined by the admissions department.
    • Other charges for special services may apply

    The Woodstock Academy offers a comprehensive and competitive education at a reasonable cost. The Academy also values the financial commitment that families make when choosing an Academy education. Because we want to accept and enroll students who add a diversity of experiences and talents to each class, we offer some financial aid benefits for those who qualify.  We use an outside vendor (FAST) to evaluate the amount that families are able to contribute and then we make decisions about financial awards.  Students and families are notified by the admissions team as to what the amount of the financial aid award will be.

    Students from our sending towns (Brooklyn, Canterbury, Eastford, Pomfret, Union, Woodstock) may attend The Academy through contracts with those towns; the towns pay the students’ tuition.