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    Janice headed to UMass-Dartmouth

    Kameron Janice made it official on Wednesday.

    The Woodstock Academy senior announced in the atrium of the Center for the Arts on the South Campus that he planned to attend UMass-Dartmouth and play football for the Division III Corsairs.

    “It’s a Tier 1 academic school. The football is really good there as well and that is one of the main reasons why I’m going. I’m really excited for the next chapter of my life. I know they’re going to help me have success and I want to achieve it,” Janice said.

    Janice chose UMass-Dartmouth because the coaching staff was willing to continue to let him be the running back that he wants to be.

    The 6-foot-1, 225-pound Janice had been courted by several programs who wanted him as a linebacker. The Corsairs told him that he was on the top of their running back chart.

    “That’s the plan and, hopefully, I can break some school records like I did here,” Janice said.

    In his senior year, Janice rushed for 2,270 yards in 216 carries including a record-shattering 529-yard, eight-touchdown effort against Quinebaug Valley.

    He finished with 29 touchdowns rushing and one receiving.

    “It’s a good day,” said Woodstock Academy coach Sean Saucier. “It’s a well-deserved honor for Kam. I think he found a good home in UMass-Dartmouth. They clearly want him and that’s one of the things I always tell kids, you want to go where you are wanted. It seems like a great fit. At the end of the day, Kam is happy.”

    Janice said the football program was the big attraction for him to the school, which checked off a host of other things he was looking for right down to the school colors which resemble that of the Centaurs. He said he went on his official visit recently and “it felt like home.”

    While many are still waiting acceptance letters, the search is over for Janice.

    “The past month and a half has been really stressful. I’ve gone to all of these colleges and on these visits and this really takes the weight off my shoulders and I can look forward to finishing up my senior year and moving on to the next chapter of my life,” Janice said.

    The Woodstock Academy joins Evergreen Football League

    The Woodstock Academy was looking for a way to take its football program in a new, more successful and positive direction.

    On Thursday, The Academy applied to and was accepted by the Evergreen Football League which is comprised of prep school programs.

    “I think this is a monumental move,” The Woodstock Academy athletic director Aaron Patterson said. “What has always impressed me about The Woodstock Academy is its ability to think beyond the norm. This is another example of looking outside the box and trying to do what is best for the student-athlete.”

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     Janice runs wild in Centaurs victory

    Earlier in the week, The Woodstock Academy football coach Sean Saucier had an epiphany when he met with his former head coach at Putnam High School, Bob Skopek.

    Skopek has been battling some health issues.

    Saucier returned to his team and told the players that he was going to be coaching in honor of Skopek in the game against Quinebaug Valley Friday in Putnam. He then asked each of them who they were going to dedicate the game to, had them write down the name, and explain why.

    For many, like senior Kameron Janice, the response was an emotional one.

    “I was playing for my Grandpa,” Janice said through sniffles. “He died a few years ago. He always wanted to be here for my games. It definitely played a role (Friday). I prayed that he was looking down on me.”

    His grandfather certainly was.

    Janice had the game of his football career.

    The running back finished with 529 yards and eight touchdowns in a 49-26 win over the Pride.

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Centaurs Opponent Time/Score
The Academy vs. Platt Tech 46-22 (W)
The Academy vs. Montville 49-6 (L)
The Academy vs. Ludlow, MA 54-28 (W)
The Academy @ Amherst, MA 22-14 (L)
The Academy @ CREC 40-32 (L)
The Academy @ Griswold 41-13 (L)
The Academy @ Quinebaug Valley 49-26 (W)
The Academy @ Plainfield 44-6 (L)
The Academy vs. Abbott Tech/Immaculate 34-20 (W)
The Academy vs. Killingly 55-6 (L)


Number Name Grade Height Weight
2 Zachary Douglas 11 5'9" 135
3 Aedan Noel 09 5'8" 105
4 Kameron Janice 12 6'1" 225
5 Nicholas Bedard 10 5'10" 135
6 Ben Holden 11 5'9" 155
8 Adam Schimmelpfennig 09 5'4" 120
9 Luis Miranda 10 5'10" 150
10 Derek Thompson 11 6'0" 180
12 Bryce Lambert 10 5'10" 140
14 Travis Jewell 09 5'7" 130
  • Team Stats

Player Name Carries Yards Rushed Pass Attempts Pass Completions Passing Yards Touchdowns Catches Receiving Yards Tackles Interceptions Fumbles Recovered
Kameron Janice 216 2,270 -- -- -- 29 (Rushing); 1 (Receiving) 4 50 -- 1 ==
Jaden Dennett 41 132 -- -- -- 3 -- -- -- -- --
Derek Thompson 22 52 161 69 902 6 (passing) -- -- -- 10 (thrown) --
Caleb Feen 2 6 -- -- -- 1 (receiving) 22 302 -- 2 --
Seth Benoit -- -- -- -- -- 1 7 133 -- 1 --
Zach Douglas -- -- -- -- -- -- 8 57 -- -- --
Luis Miranda -- -- 1 1 41 2 (receiving; 1 (passing) 14 220 -- 3 1
Daniel Suitam -- -- -- -- -- 1 4 48 -- 1 --
Ben Holden 3 (-8)
Jacob Straub 5 17 1 (receiving) 5 51 1
Travis White 6 63
Ian Welz 9 35 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Nick Bedard -- -- 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --