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  • Blue captures Power 5 Conference AA championship

    The Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball team finished up its season on Sunday with a Power 5 Conference AA tournament championship after an 88-72 win over Redemption Christian Academy at the South End Community Center in Springfield, Mass.

    Unlike the Centaurs Gold squad, there is no national championship tournament for the Blue team which meant the Power 5 title was the overall goal.

    “We wanted to win this championship. That’s what we’ve been here for since Day 1 in August. Coming up short? What’s the point? You have to take it home,” said Woodstock Academy swing player Carson Meier.

    Dyson Frank led the way with 22 points for Woodstock Academy while Jeff Planutis tossed in 18.

    The win gave the Centaurs a 30-8 final record.

    “That’s great for the kids,” said Blue coach Nick DeFeo. “We had 22 (wins) last year including the playoffs. I’ve always been told that 20-win teams are very good teams, but 30 is rare. These guys will go down as the first Blue team in Woodstock Academy history to win 30 games. That’s special.”

    Now, it’s all done.

    “I can’t believe it’s over,” Meier said. “It seems like such a long time that we’ve been here but coming into the last three days, it just flew by. It’s so surreal. Some of us don’t even want to go home at this point because of the friends you make and the bonds you grow, and how we have competed together all season. We made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

    But the break up took place quickly.

    Many have already left Woodstock Academy.

    “It’s weird,” DeFeo said. “We prep all year for (last) weekend and a championship to win. These guys came together and played hard, played for each other and then come Monday, guys are flying home. It’s a little weird, but it’s been a great year and, hopefully, we can get these guys where they want to go next year.”

    Meier was scheduled to leave for home, Shawnee, OK, on Monday.

    “I miss my family so much. My Dad’s up here this weekend and is helping me move out. I’m just ready to see my whole family and my friends back home,” Meier said.

    Most of the Blue players will leave with a plan as to where they are headed in the fall, a couple remain undecided, according to DeFeo.

    Meier will next head to Kent State University where he has been offered a walk-on spot. He will study fashion design while there.

    “I’m very excited,” Meier said. “But it was great to come here. I’ve matured so much in my time here and I think my teammates have as well. I couldn’t have matured this much without them. They pushed me and are great people which pushed me to be a better person.”

    The players are not the only ones departing Woodstock Academy.

    DeFeo is also leaving the school at the end of the school year after two years with the Centaurs.

    He is headed to Notre Dame-West Haven High School to start a program similar to that of Woodstock Academy.

    “This place has been really special for me,” DeFeo said. “To come here with Coach (Tony) Bergeron and build this up with him has been special. The type of kids that we have brought in, the entire group, not just the top level, and  who is going to college. We’re still in touch with the kids from last year and we will be in touch with these kids forever really. We still have our group chats. It’s been a great time, I’ve loved it here, but time to move on, time to run my own program and I’m excited to do that.”   

    Prior to the championship game on Sunday, the Centaurs matched up with Capital Prep Harbor for the second time in four days in the Power 5 Conference AA tournament semifinals at the Alumni Fieldhouse.

    The Centaurs rolled past the Sharks, 102-46, Saturday.

    Saddiq Canty led five Centaurs  in double figures with 15, Frank added 14.

    The Centaurs also played their final regular season game against the Sharks last Wednesday and were certainly in a groove.

    How else to explain a first-half performance that saw the Centaurs drop 83 points on Capital Prep Harbor at the Alumni Fieldhouse.

    “It was really good,” Frank said. “I’m kind of bummed that we didn’t double it and get 160.”

    The Centaurs instead won by 69 points, 131-62.

    “It feels really good especially to go undefeated (in the regular season) in our conference. Now, all we have to do is get a championship,” Frank said after the game on Wednesday. “It means a lot to me. I haven’t won a state championship so if we get this, it would be my first and I’m super-excited.”

    Frank hails from Philadelphia where championships don’t come easy.

    “It’s the city. Everyone is really tough out there,” Frank said.

    The Blue team was pretty tough on Wednesday.

    It rained down 14 3-pointers in the first half alone on the Harbor Sharks from Bridgeport.

    Frank had two of those as did Ahmad Jeffries, Jahden Erold, Kruno Macner and Canty.

    Three players were already on double figures by the half.

    “I’ve never been on a team that scored that many points in a half, but I’ve been on a team that won a game, 75-2,” Frank said with a laugh.

    The Harbor Sharks, for their part, did put 35 points down in the first half.

    The Centaurs cleared the century mark with 13:26 left in the game on one of their many dunks, this one coming from Guillem Gonzalez which brought a large smile to the face of the native of Spain.

    Macner finished with five 3-pointers and led the Centaurs with 25 points.

    In addition to Planutis’ 16 points, Gonzalez and Frank finished with 15 and Canty put down 12 points.

    Frank said the decision to come to Woodstock Academy was a smart move for him.

    “It’s been great. Really good. It’s fantastic. People have been very welcoming,” Frank said.



    Centaurs rebound for win

    Ahmad Jeffries found the range on Sunday.


    The Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball team guard hit six 3-pointers against the Knox School on Long Island.


    The last was the biggest.


    His long-range jumper with 40 seconds left lifted the Centaurs to the 81-80 win.


    Jeffries finished with 26 in the contest and Ty Mosley added 17 in the win which gave the Blue squad a split of its weekend overnight trip to New York.


    The Centaurs (27-8) fell to Upper Room Christian Academy, 83-77, on Saturday night and saw their 10-game win streak come to an end.


    Jeff Planutis scored 21 points in the loss while Siddiq Canty added 15.


    Earlier in the week, it was a little playground basketball for the Centaurs last Wednesday at the Alumni Fieldhouse.


    Clearly the better team, the Centaurs rolled to a 95-55 win over the Springfield Commonwealth Regional team.


    “It’s tough to play the way we want to play the whole game even though we can do what we want and score how we want. We just have to stay focused and do what we do,” Planutis said.


    The Centaurs scored the first 12 points of the game thanks to Mosley, who celebrated his 19th birthday, with a pair of 3-pointers early and Planutis added a couple of baskets.


    Balanced scoring throughout the first half by the Centaurs led to a 44-23 advantage at the break.


    “We just wanted to come out and establish that lead quickly and keep that lead the whole game,” Planutis said.


    The big lead meant the Centaurs could afford to have a little fun and they took advantage by showing off some of their best dunks.


    A windmill by Canty was the highlight but he had another and Planutis added a couple of slams.


    “It was a lot of fun to watch, Ty also had a couple. It felt really good,” Planutis said of the dunk fest.


    Planutis finished with 14 points and Mosley 12.


    Kruno Macner, like Macner does, got hot in the second half from long distance. He put up four 3-pointers in the second half and finished with a team-high 20 points.


    Some of the post-grad team members will be leaving shortly after the conclusion of the season, Planutis will not be among them.


    “I’m not leaving in March. I won’t be leaving until April or so after I decide where I’m going,” Planutis said. “I’ve liked being here a lot. The first couple of weeks were hard, being away from home, but these past couple of months, time has been flying and we’re all such good friends now.”


    If anything, leaving Woodstock Academy might be a little difficult.


    “We were all talking and we’re probably not going to see each other very much again unless it’s through Facetime or texts or that type of stuff. That part kind of stinks, but we all have to go our separate ways and do what we need,” Planutis said.


    He added, “It’s been a lot of fun, A real good record. We’re doing what we have to do and it’s been a lot of fun being a part of a good team.”


    It wasn’t quite to the level of the NBA All-Star game on the Sunday before which produced 342 points.


    But the Woodstock Academy Blue prep and Rocktop Basketball teams produced more than their share of points on President’s Day Monday at the Alumni Fieldhouse.


    The two teams combined for 224 points with the Centaurs walking away with the 123-101victory over their Philadelphia-based opponents.


    Canty admitted that he had never played in a game where the two teams combined to score so many points.


    “It kind of looked like an All-Star game up here,” Canty said with a laugh. “No one was really playing defense. We were just putting up shots and we made more shots and came out with the “W.’ It was good.”


    In another odd occurrence, the Centaurs were also playing the same team from Rocktop that had just finished playing the Gold prep team.


    That meant 80 minutes of basketball in about 2 ½ hours for the opponents.


    “That’s really tough,” Canty said. “I was watching them in the stands thinking, ‘Man, it’s going to suck because we both press’. The Gold team is way longer. They could barely dribble the ball up the court and then they play us and we play with more intensity. It was tough for them,” Canty said.


    Canty made it even worse early.


    The 6-foot-1 guard from Tampa, Fla. hit four 3-pointers in the first 4:03 of the game to help the Centaurs build an early, 16-9, lead.


    “It was chippy so I kind of got a little competitive. I just wanted to win,” Canty said.


    Canty finished with 27 points and added another 3-pointer in the second half, doing a pretty good impression of his teammate from the Gold squad, T.J. Weeks.


    “I was watching T.J. in the first game and he was doing his thing. He even had his (air) guitar out,” Canty said with a laugh.


    It did take the Blue team a little longer to shake Rocktop.


    Although Rocktop never got the lead, it did tie the game at 33 on a 3-pointer by R.J. Ameri.


    Planutis scored eight of his 21 points in the closing minutes of the first half to put the Centaurs up, 59-45.


    The Centaurs extended it to 20 when Isaiah Jones (24 points) hit a four free throws in a row, two due to a technical called on the Rocktop bench, to put Woodstock Academy up, 75-55.


    The two teams essentially traded buckets from there out with Rocktop’s coming almost exclusively from Ishmael Waldron who finished with a game-high 41 points.


    “We had a run of losses, but we came back, started fighting again and got more wins. We’re just waiting on the (Power 5 conference) playoffs right now and we’re going to try and carry this run into the championship,” Canty said.


    Big 1st half propels Blue

    The Centaurs Blue prep basketball team posted their eighth win in a row on Thursday, 97-68 over Redemption Christian Academy at the Alumni Fieldhouse.

    The win raised the Centaurs record to 24-7.

    “I think we’re rolling and everybody is finally (on the same page). We had a few bumps in the road, but I think everyone has found their groove,” Woodstock Academy swing player Ty Mosley said.

    Kevin Evdandra hit a 3-pointer just 32 seconds into the game for the Lions (12-12).

    The Centaurs scored the next 28 points.

    “We were rolling,” Mosley said with a smile. “(Coach Nick DeFeo) told us to put our foot on the gas and don’t let up. We did that very well. We love listening to our coach, love to make him happy, we try.”

    Jeff Planutis (23 points) had eight points in that run while Mosley had six of his 14, those coming on a three-point play and a 3-pointer, to give the Centaurs the 28-3 lead.

    Woodstock Academy did not take its foot off the pedal in the first half.

    It led 58-32 at the break.

    But the Centaurs did give Redemption Christian a little hope in the second half when the Lions went on a 16-0 run, highlighted by a pair of 3-pointers from Michael Matais, to cut the lead to 18, 72-54.

    It was as close as Redemption Christian would get the rest of the way.

    “I like the way things have gone this season,” Mosley said. “We’ve had a lot of close games that we should have finished. Other than that, I think we’ve done well and have been playing well.”

    The Centaurs have just two home games left, against Rise Academy on Monday and Capital Prep Harbor on Feb. 27.

    They also have three games on the road at Commonwealth Academy, the Knox School and Upper Room Christian before finishing at the beginning of March with the Power 5 Conference tournament.

    It’s the most games that most of the players on the Blue team have ever played in a season.

    “It hasn’t been tough for me. I like playing. If my body hurts, I don’t try to think about it. I can play through pain because my adrenaline is pumping and I don ‘t even think about it,” Mosley said.

    Like Gold player Tre Mitchell, Mosley was just looking forward to a couple of days off as the Blue team doesn’t play until Monday.

    “I think we need the weekend off,” Mosley said with a smile.

    Centaurs pull out victory

    The Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball team had to fight hard on Saturday to raise its record to 23-7.

    The Blue just got past New York International Academy, 74-73, at the Alumni Fieldhouse.

    The Centaurs went up by 14 points in the second half, but began to struggle defensively.

    The visitors took the lead with 10 seconds to play.

    But Woodstock Academy wasn’t done yet.

    Dyson Frank missed a shot as did Isaiah Jones on the rebound.

    But John Korte was there and with two-tenths of a second left, he put it into the basket for the win.

    “It wasn’t expected, but he tipped it in,” Woodstock Academy Blue coach Nick DeFeo said.

    Frank finished with 13 while Jeff Planutis added 12 and Jones eight.

    The Centaurs Blue team also traveled to West Point, N.Y. earlier in the week and captured a pair of victories over two Army Prep teams.

    The Centaurs knocked off the JV team last Monday, 96-76, behind a 23-point effort by Kaleb Thornton. Frank added 15 in that contest and Ahmad Jeffries tossed in 15.

    The Centaurs played the Army Prep varsity on Tuesday and the result was almost identical, the Centaurs posted the 96-77 win.

    Jeffries scored 20 in that game and Korte added 14.

    “We kind of hit a rough patch before Christmas but when we got back from break, I thought we were refreshed, looked good in practice. It’s paid off. We’re 9-1 in 2019, we’ve been looking good," DeFeo said.


    Centaurs get to 20 wins

    The Woodstock Academy Blue prep team raised its record to 20-7 on Saturday with a 90-66 win over Rocky Hill School from Rhode Island at the Alumni Fieldhouse at Woodstock Academy.

    Kaleb Thornton returned to the lineup and delivered 22 points for the Centaurs. Siddiq Canty added 21.

    The Centaurs picked up another win last Thursday, 98-82, over the Mitchell College JV in New London.

    Jeff Planutis scored 18 in that win while Canty added 17.


    Blue squad holds off NBA Academy

    As soon as NBA Basketball Academy walked into the gym, the Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball squad knew they probably were going to have their hands full.

    “We expected them to be difficult. We saw them walk into the gym and they were very big and they were very physical. We came out and played hard (Tuesday) and got the ‘W,’” Isaiah Jones said.

    Not only was the team from Mexico City big and physical, it didn’t give up either.

    The Centaurs had to battle to the end before they pulled out the 74-70 win Tuesday at the Alumni Fieldhouse to raise their record to 18-7.

    The Blue squad built its biggest lead, 12 points, with 7 minutes, 24 seconds to play on a basket by Dyson Frank.

    The Utah resident was a key force in the second half when he scored all 11 of his points.

    But an 11-2 run by NBA Academy cut the lead to three, 63-60, with 4:46 left and the battle was joined.

    Srjda Marinkovich added a basket and Guillem Gonzalez had two free throws to put the Centaurs back up by seven.

    NBA Academy knocked that down to as little as three, 67-64, only to see Woodstock Academy build it  back to nine with 1:03 left.

    NBA Academy scored six of the last seven points, but fell just short.

    Isaiah Jones paced the Centaurs with 19 points including four 3-pointers, three in the first half.

    “I was feeling good,” Jones, from El Dorado, CA, admitted.

    It was a good thing.

    Because while the outside shots were dropping, Ty Mosley and Saddiq Canty also found the range from beyond the arc in the first half, the Centaurs missed numerous shots inside the paint. That was partially due to the influence of 6-foot-11 Oumar Ballo who didn’t block many shots but altered a host of the Centaurs opportunities.

    The win was the fourth in five games for the Blue team.

    “We struggled at bit in the beginning of the season and we’re just trying to get back on track and get a win streak going,” Jones said.

    Centaurs fall in Mass.

    Ty Mosley scored 14 points, but that was almost half the output of the entire team as the Blue prep squad fell to Dexter-Southfield School, 43-32, on Wednesday.

    The loss dropped the Centaurs to 16-7.

    2 in a row after holiday break

    Getting back on track.

    It’s what the Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball team wanted to accomplish coming out of the holiday break.

    So far, it has been successful in that quest.

    The Centaurs raised their mark to 16-6 with a pair of victories last week.

    Woodstock Academy handled the Hoosac School, 91-46, on Saturday at the Alumni Fieldhouse. Before that, the Centaurs scored a 92-58 win over Capital Prep Harbor at the University of Bridgeport.

    “It was definitely great for us and great for the confidence of our team after we lost five of the last seven,” forward John Korte said of the two wins following Saturday’s win over Hoosac. “We’re getting back into it quickly. We’re looking good so far, moving the ball and playing good defense.”

    The Centaurs, prior to the break, lost some tough games.

    That included a pair of 1-point games to Navy Prep (77-76) and Toronto Academy (74-73) and an overtime contest to Hamden Hall (94-90). Add to that, losses to Lee Academy (77-66) and Athlete’s Institute (82-71), and it made for a tough stretch.

    “We fell into a rut,” Blue coach Nick DeFeo said. “We were struggling. We were missing some guys who went home early for break.”

    “It was an accumulation of things. People wanted to go home, which you know will happen and we played some very good teams. We just didn’t come to play in some of those games and when that happens, you lose,” Korte agreed.

    Fortunately, things have changed.

    “We came back and we’ve had great energy ever since. We have a full roster, minus one (Kaleb Thornton) due to injury. We’ve had some great practices this week,” DeFeo added.

    Like DeFeo, Korte wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like when the Centaurs returned last week.

    “I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought we might still be in a rough patch like where we were before, but we’re looking really good right now,” Korte said.

    The Centaurs didn’t pull away immediately from Hoosac.

    The Centaurs had beaten the New York school in November by 47 points and DeFeo was concerned about his team’s approach to the game.

    “DeFeo talked to us a lot before the game about not underestimating them. They can come out and kill us in the first half,” Korte said.

    Korte (nine points) went on a five-point run of his own midway through the first half to help make sure that didn’t happen and put the Centaurs up, 16-10

    His seven-point effort in the first half included a pair of dunks which brought his teammates to their feet.

    Both of those dunks came off assists.

    “We’re learning to trust each other more and that’s a huge part of the game,” Korte said. “I trust that they’re going to pass me the ball for the dunk and I give it to them right back.”

    Ty Mosley and Jeff Planutis both scored seven points in the first half in addition to Korte as the Blue took a 39-20 lead into halftime.

    It became a 3-point party for the Centaurs in the second half.

    Kruno Macner, who led the Blue squad with 16 points, hit four from beyond the arc while Ahmad Jeffries and Isaiah Jones both had a pair and Planutis (10 points) added one.

    The Centaurs opened the week with the easy win over the Harbor Sharks.

    Stefanos Psarras scored 11 points and Guillem Gonzalez added 10.

    “We came out with great energy right from the jump and got on top early. Any time, you go on the road and win a conference game, it’s nice. We got a great effort from everyone, they all contributed,” DeFeo said.

    It’s a good time to be playing well.

    This is the stretch run for the Blue prep team which will see the season end in just a little less than two months.

    “It’s time to focus. We have to get these kids some college interest, get them signed and ready to go to the next level. I think they’re dialed in a little bit and we have a bunch of conference games coming up. This is it. We’re putting our foot on the gas pedal,” DeFeo said.

    DeFeo said the coaching staff has been meeting individually with the players and discussing a plan for their future.

    “Luckily for us, our staff is tremendous at getting out and communicating with colleges and two, we’ve had college interest for every kid in the gym, every kid on the Gold team, every kid on the Blue, somebody has asked or inquired about them. That’s really good for us and now it’s just finding out what the kids want, see who loves them the best and picking the right school,” DeFeo said.

    The Blue squad is on the road for much of the month.

    Their only other home game comes up on Jan. 29 against USA Academy.


    Blue falls twice in Basketbull Hoopfest

    The 2018 portion of the season for the Woodstock Academy Blue squad ended on a difficult note as it lost two games in Springfield, Mass. at the second session of the Basketbull Hoopfest.

    The Centaurs fell to 14-6 with an 82-71 loss to the Athlete's Instittute (Orangeville School) on Saturday.

    Dyson Frank led the Centaurs with 14 points while John Korte added 10.

    Siddiq Canty scored 15 points but the Centaurs fell short, 74-73, to the Toronto Basketball Academy in a Thursday afternoon Basketbull Hoopfest matinee played at the South End Community Center.


    Centaurs win on Sunday in Providence

    The Woodstock Academy Blue prep basketball team broke a two-game losing streak on Sunday.

    The Centaurs (14-4) downed Father Henry Carr School from Toronto, Canada at the St. Andrews School in Providence, 79-76.

    Dyson Frank led Woodstock Academy with 14 points while Jeff Planutis added 10.

    It helped save a pretty tough week for the Centaurs.

    While the Gold prep basketball team prospered at Basketbull Hoopfest, the Blue team had its struggles.

    The Centaurs lost their third in four games when they fell to Hamden Hall, 94-90, in overtime on Saturday at the South End Community Center.

    Jeff Planutis paced the Blue squad with 21 points in the loss while Dyson Frank added 17 points and 10 rebounds.

    Prior to that game on Saturday afternoon, the Centaurs faced another top NEPSAC team when they were paired up against Lee Academy on Friday afternoon.

    Woodstock Academy battled, but came up short, falling to Lee, 77-66.

    Kaleb Thornton scored 16 and Planutis added 12 in the loss.

    The Centaurs get to go back to Springfield, Mass. this week for more Hoopfest action. They get an early morning contest at 11 a.m. Thursday when they meet Toronto Academy.

    The Blue squad gets Friday off, but their Christmas break is delayed a bit as they are scheduled to play Athlete’s Institute on Saturday at 2:45 p.m.

    The Centaurs, like their Gold counterparts, had a good outing in their only home game of the week.

    They downed Commonwealth Academy Regional, 85-56 although they were tested early.

    The Centaurs built a 13-point lead, 29-16, with 8:31 left in the first half, only to see the Tornadoes score the next 13 points.

    “We came into the game really cocky and weren’t really worried about playing defense, just trying to run-and-score. We realized that they were playing harder so we had to turn it around,” guard Siddiq Canty said.

    Canty was a key reason for the turnaround.

    He scored the last two baskets of the first half to help the Centaurs re-establish a 12-point lead, 42-30, by the half. He followed that up with a pair of 3-pointers in the first 1:30 of the second half to put the Centaurs up by 18.

    “I tried to (help get the momentum back),” Canty, who finished with 10 points said. “Coach (Nick DeFeo) went into us in the locker room and told us that we can’t underestimate any team, we should come out and play really hard- as hard as we can,” Canty said.

    Kruno Macner led the Centaurs balanced attack with 11 points while both Planutis and Stefanos Psarras added eight.

    The Centaurs were coming off their first setback of the week, a 77-76 loss to Navy Prep in Newport, R.I. last Tuesday.

    “We missed a layup at the end, but that happens. We played a great game against them,” Canty said of the loss to Navy.

    Planutis scored 21 to lead the Centaurs while Ahmad Jeffries added 12.



    Centaurs go to 12-1

    The Centaurs won their 12th game in 13 outings with a 98-66 win over Winchendon School in a Pioneer Valley Tip-Off Tournament game played at the Curry Hicks Cage on the UMass campus Sunday.

    Point guard Kaleb Thornton was named Most Valuable Player of the game as he finished with 11 points and six rebounds in the win for Woodstock Academy which has won nine consecutive games.

    The Centaurs Blue squad also picked up a win on Friday with an 84-60 win over Lawrence Academy in Groton, Mass.

    Dyson Frank led the Centaurs with 19 points.

    On Wednesday, Isaiah Jones had five 3-pointers and 19 points in total to pace the Centaurs Blue team to a 95-61 victory over the Post University JV team at the Alumni Fieldhouse.

    Thornton and Kruno Macner added 14 each in the Centaurs’ victory.



    Good week for Blue squad

    The Blue team had to be happy with last week's results.

    It posted four victories, including two in the MacDuffie Invitational over the weekend in Granby, Mass., and cleared the century mark in a win over Redemption Christian Academy.

    The Centaurs won their ninth in 10 games with an 83-69 win over Commonwealth Academy out of Springfield, Mass. Sunday.

    Ty Mosley led the way with 19 points while Siddiq Canty added 14.

    The Centaurs also prevailed over Lincoln Prep on Saturday with a strong defensive effort, 61-39.

    Mosley again led the Centaurs with 16 points while Jeff Planutis added 14.

    Kaleb Thornton scored 22 and Planutis added 14 in a 102-64 win over the Redemption Christian Academy regional squad last Thursday.

    The Centaurs returned to action last Wednesday, coming off a 10-day Thanksgiving break.

    It was pretty evident.

    “It was really challenging, because everybody got their mind off basketball during the break,” Stefanos Psarras said. “It’s easy to get distracted.”

    But the Centaurs pulled it together after a sluggish start and rolled to an 87-50 win over the Mitchell College JV squad.

    The Centaurs not only had to deal with the rust from the break, but a couple of changes in the lineup.

    Mosley was on the bench as he had just returned to school earlier in the day after getting stuck in Chicago due to the weather in the Midwest.

    The Blue also welcomed guard Taylor Schildroth who was making his debut in a Centaurs uniform.

    The Centaurs opened a 20-7 lead over the Mariners early after a pair of baskets from Planutis.

    That would blossom to 41-17 by the break after Guillam Gonzalez hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

    The “Euro-group” - as Psarras, from Athens,Greece, dubbed the Blue unit that includes himself, Kruno Macner (Zagreb, Croatia), Gonzalez (Alicante, Spain) and Srdja Marinkovich (Serbia) along with the newcomer Schildroth (who hails from Maine) - took over in the second half.

    Psarras scored eight of his 11 points in the second half while Macner put down all of his team-best 12 points, including a trio of 3-pointers.

    “I got some shots. I had the confidence and I hit the shots. After I hit a couple, I started getting energy and was playing defense, everything was going,” Macner said with a smile.

    John Korte added nine points in the win.





























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