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  • DiPippo leads Centaurs in final meet of the season

    John Ywarsky was more than happy to talk about Stella DiPippo on Saturday following the Class L girls state championship cross-country race at Wickham Park in Manchester.

    “Stella got her groove back,” The Woodstock Academy coach said with a laugh.

    The freshman finished 25th in the field in a time of 21 minutes, 37 seconds to lead The Academy to a 15th place finish with 410 points.

    “She was the fourth freshman to finish in Class L, there is nothing to frown about there,” Ywarsky said. “She was trying to get top 12 (and qualify for the State Open) but this was a tough field. (Centaurs assistant coach Joe) Banas was saying that (Morgan) McCormick (from Wilton) who won this race will probably be the Open champion. She looked strong out there.”

    DiPippo said she was happy with her performance especially since she bettered her time from the Wickham Park Invitational just a few weeks before.

    “It’s really hard because you’re running with girls so much older than you,” DiPippo said.

    Senior Hannah Matsas finished up her running career for the Centaurs with an 85th place finish.

    “I have a cold or something,” Matsas said. “It definitely wasn’t my best time.”

    Matsas finished in 23:24.

    “It’s insane. In Class L (where the Centaurs were placed for a first time this season because they were three runners over the MM designation) there are a lot more fast runners. It was pretty fast, even at the beginning, it went out really fast,” Matsas said.

    There was more reason for optimism for the future as freshmen Emily McClure and Iris Bazinet finished 95th and 100th respectively. Sophomore Alexia Bourbeau rounded out the top five in 105th.

    “We had a good day. We had some good performances and the future looks really bright,” Ywarsky said.

    Matsas will be one of the few seniors that leave the program.

    “She has had a good career. We will be sad to see her go because she has had a good year also,” Ywarsky said.

    Matsas said she was pleased with her season overall as she bounced back from a less than stellar junior season in her mind.

    “The team, as a whole, did awesome this year. We have so many new freshmen and it’s a really young team. We did well this year and as everyone gets a year older next year, they will get even better,” Matsas said.

    Eden Law and Leah Randolph were the other two seniors on the squad.


    DiPippo comes home in 3rd

    The smile on Stella DiPippo’s face couldn’t have been much larger.

    The freshman had just tackled the Eastern Connecticut Conference championship at the Norwich Golf Course and finished in third in 21 minutes, 27 seconds.

    It led the Centaurs to a fifth place finish as a team overall and second in ECC Division II behind undefeated Stonington which placed third as a team.

    Read about the meet on Centaurnation.com







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Centaurs Opponent Time/Score
The Academy at Bacon Academy 22-35 (W)
The Academy at Sloper Relays Matsas,DiPippo new course record
The Academy Killingly, Montville 15-15 (W) vs. Killingly; 21-39 (W) vs. Montville
The Academy vs. Plainfield, Waterford, Windham 18-43 (W) vs. Waterford; 15-50 (W) vs. Plainfield; 15-50 (W) vs. Windham
The Academy @ Wickham Park Invitational 27th in varsity seeded race
The Academy at Stonington 24-32 (L)
The Academy at ECC Championship 5th as a team; Stella DiPippo 3rd
The Academy @Class L championship, Wickham Park 15th as a team; DiPippo 25th


Number Name Grade Height Weight
-- Eden Law 12
-- Hannah Matsas 12
-- Leah Randolph 12
-- Aria Gianfriddo 11
-- Shannon D'Alessandro 11
-- Summer Chaponis 11
-- Alexia Bourbeau 10
-- Cassidy Fortier 10
-- Megan Gohn 10
-- Jane Pan 10
  • Team Stats

Player Name Best Time Best Location 2nd Best Time 2nd Best Location
Stella DiPippo 19:20 (2nd place) Montville (2.7 mile) 21:22 (2nd place) at Stonington
Hannah Matsas 20:08 (3rd) Montville (2.7 mile) 21:48 (3rd) at Stonington
Emily McClure 21:01 (5th place) Montville (2.7 mile) 23:47 (7th place) at Stonington
Aria Gianfriddo 21:15 (6th place) at Montville (2.7 mile) 24:06 (5th place) at Bacon Academy
Iris Bazinet 21:33 (8th place) at Montville (2.7 mile) 24:04 (4th place) Home @ Stonebridge Rd.
Amelie Pressel 21:46 (9th place) at Montville (2.7 mile) 24:48(10th place) Home @ Stonebridge Rd.
Cassidy Fortier 22:00 (11th place) at Montville (2.7 mile) 24:47 (9th place) Home @ Stonebridge Rd.
Megan Gohn 22:04 (12th place) at Montville 24:14 (7th place) at Bacon Academy
Alexia Bourbeau 22:36 (14th place) at Montville (2.7 mile) 24:23 (6th Place) Home @ Stonebridge Rd.
Leah Randolph 23:02 (15th place) at Montville 26:58 (17th place) at Bacon Academy