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  • Centaurs fall in state championship

    Adam Bottone didn’t take any time in answering the question about how he summed up the Woodstock Academy volleyball season.

    “Awesome,” The Academy coach said.

    Despite a 3-0 loss to RHAM in the Class L state championship on Saturday at East Haven High School, Bottone was wearing a smile and was in good spirits.

    “We couldn’t have asked for a better story than to come all the way to the final. We knew it was going to be tough, but it’s always been one of our goals and to finally come through in the end and get here - even though it was a loss and the loss stinks and everybody took it hard - it was fun,” Bottone said.

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    Team captain recalls 1st state championship match

    On Saturday, the seventh-seeded Woodstock Academy volleyball team will play for a Class L state championship against No.1 RHAM at 1 p.m. at East Haven High School.

    That fact caught the eye of Amber Fairfield Bierkan.

    “It’s all about these young ladies and I think it’s wonderful that they have accomplished this,” Bierkan said.

    The 1968 graduate of the Academy has a vested interest.

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    Centaurs advance to Class L state championship

    It will be an afternoon to remember for the Woodstock Academy Centaurs volleyball team.

    The seventh-seeded Centaurs learned on Wednesday night that they will play No. 1 RHAM of Hebron for the Class L state championship at 1 p.m. Saturday at East Haven High School.

    The Centaurs earned the honor earlier on Wednesday with a 3-0 win over sixth-seeded Joel Barlow of Redding in a Class L semifinal at Newington High School.

    It will be the second state championship for the program, which lost to Farmington in 1967, and made it as far as the semifinals in 2011.

    The Sachems advanced with a 3-0 win over Guilford.

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    Centaurs advance to semifinals with win over Killingly

    In every state tournament, there is generally a game that will test a team.

    The Woodstock Academy Centaurs are hopeful that test came on Thursday when they defeated Avon in a Class L quarterfinal match after falling behind by two games.

    The Centaurs rallied and passed the test.

    They aced the follow-up.

    The seventh-seeded Centaurs regained their momentum on Saturday and rolled to a 3-0 win over second-seeded Killingly in a Class L quarterfinal.

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    Centaurs rally to advance to Class L quarterfinals

    The Woodstock Academy Centaurs lost the first two games of their Class L volleyball state tournament 2nd round match on Thursday.

    But they didn’t lose faith.

    “I believed,” Woodstock Academy senior Caroline Eaton said. “We just needed to get out of heads and get some energy going.”

    They did.

    The seventh-seeded Centaurs, with their backs against the wall, found the fortitude to keep going and the energy to rally for a come-from-behind 3-2 victory over the No. 10 Avon Falcons.

    As a result, it will be Woodstock Academy playing against the Killingly Redgals at 6 p.m.  Saturday in a state quarterfinal match.

    It’s the first quarterfinal appearance for the Centaurs since 2012.

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Centaurs Opponent Time/Score
The Academy vs. East Lyme 3-1 (L)
The Academy at Lyman Memorial 3-0 (L)
The Academy at NFA 3-1 (W)
The Academy vs. Plainfield 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Bacon Academy 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Killingly 3-2 (L)
The Academy vs. Waterford 3-1 (W)
The Academy vs. Fitch 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Montville 3-1 (W)
The Academy vs. Newtown 3-1 (W)
The Academy at Coventry 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Windham 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Ledyard 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Bacon Academy 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Killingly 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Waterford 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Bristol Eastern 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Montville 3-0 (W)
The Academy at Avon 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Ledyard ECC Tournament quarterfinal 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. East Lyme ECC tournament semifinal 3-1 (W)
The Academy vs. Killingly, ECC tournament championship 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Rockville, Class L 1st round 3-0 (W)
The Academy vs. Avon, Class L 2nd round 3-2 (W)
The Academy vs. Killingly, Class L quarterfinal 3-0 (W)


Number Name Grade Height Weight
1 Katie Frankhouser 12 5-9
5 Caroline Eaton 12 5-10
6 Maddy Gronski 11 5-3
7 Marissa Mayhew 09 4-2
8 Maeve Stevenson 12 5-6
9 Denali Johns 12 5-9
11 Bekah Wesler 11 4-11
12 Rachel Durand 11 5-7
14 Hannah Walley 12
15 Sammie Orlowski 11 5-7
  • Team Stats

Player Name Kills Assists Digs Service Points Aces
Katie Frankhouser 10 -- 4 1 --
Caroline Eaton 304 3 146 155 46
Maddy Gronski 3 26 508 154 25
Marissa Mayhew -- -- 4 17 3
Maeve Stevenson 35 7 58 42 14
Denali Johns 34 1 58 107 39
Bekah Wesler 1 5 55 46 6
Rachel Durand -- -- 3 2 --
Hannah Walley 3 3 141 75 16
Sammie Orlowski 20 703 133 171 34
Emma Green 2 69 20 40 10
Katie Papp 38 2 34 23 10
Natalie Low 194 10 262 202 59
Mckenna Gagnon 2 -- 1 -- --
Paula Hernandez 295 13 212 154 48