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    The League of Legends team took home the EGF Connecticut State championship.

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  • Woodstock Academy esports team earns trip to California

    The League of Legends team has earned a trip to California.

    The Connecticut state champions did so with a 2-1 win in as best-of-three match with the Massachusetts state championship team.

    The Centaurs had to rally after losing the first game to Massachusetts.

    The Woodstock Academy squad will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles, California and get to play a match at the Collegiate League of Legends esports playoffs, sponsored by Riot games, the maker of League of Legends. 

    The League of Legends team consists of Eddy Chen, Kursen Bai, Jiacheng Ying, Sunny Mo, Abner Shen, Quincy Li and Tom Gao.

    "For its first year being officially recognized in Connecticut, this team has set the bar very high for esports in Connecticut," advisor Tom Young said. "I am tremendously proud of their performance this year. They are the Connecticut State Champions, the second best team in the Eastern U.S., and they have earned a spot in a National finals match in California."

    The Woodstock Academy team also hopes to repeat as spring state champions.

    The state finals will be held next week.

    Both the League of Legends and Rocket League teams will participate.


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