• Athletics

    The Woodstock Academy offers a broad based comprehensive athletics program with over 50 teams at various levels.

  • The athletic department’s primary goals are to cultivate each student-athlete’s mind, body, and spirit in ways that inspire, teach positive life lessons, and create enjoyment. Specific emphasis for each participant includes:

    • Athletic Performance: Skill Development, health and nutrition, tactical strategies, mental toughness, strength and conditioning;
    • Academic Achievement: Demonstrate scholarship, prepare for life after high school, maintain academic eligibility;
    • Leadership: Guide others to reach their highest potential, lead through both word and actions, work as a cohesive unit to achieve common goals;
    • Citizenship: Show respect for others, commit to team, invest in the community; and
    • Sportsmanship: Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and class; pursue victory with honor.
    The Woodstock Academy Athletic Department is committed to supporting the overall mission and vision of Woodstock Academy. The Athletic Program is considered an extension of the classroom, and the academic success of all student-athletes will be encouraged and monitored. With that in mind, out athletic department advocates the following:
    • The athletic department will work diligently to increase the participation rate in athletics by providing a wide variety of offerings that allow student-athletes access to the sports of their choice.
    • The athletic department will emphasize the respect for human differences and diversity as the cornerstone of the athletic experience. The coaches and student-athletes are the “front porch” to the Academy Community; citizens from our community and others will judge our school by the performance and behavior of our coaches and athletes.
    • The athletic department will evaluate our athletic, professional, and personal progress regularly. Success will not be measured merely by wins and losses, but by the quality of effort, progress, and sportsmanship of our coaches and players. The athletic department will foster moral awareness and civic participation that place an emphasis on coaches and student-athletes becoming productive and visible members of the community. The athletic department will encourage and demand qualities of citizenship, ideals of sportsmanship, moral courage, and ethical behavior throughout the school and community.