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2 Woodstock Academy football players sign NLI to SCSU

Two members of the Woodstock Academy football team will be headed to New Haven to continue their football careers.

Senior quarterback Ethan Davis and his classmate, offensive lineman Everett Michalski, both signed National Letters of Intent to Southern Connecticut State University on National Signing Day Wednesday.

“I’m excited and it’s a relief,” Davis said with a smile. “Just to get this out of the way and not to have to stress and worry about this any longer.”

SCSU is a Division II program that finished with a 4-6 record last season.

“When I visited, I loved the campus and have a great relationship with the head coach (Tom Godek). We got off to a good start. He was easy to talk to and get to know and I knew I wanted to be there,” Michalski said.

Woodstock Academy athletic director and football coach Sean Saucier said he also has a good relationship with Godek.

“I’ve had a couple of players play for him that had a successful four years so I feel great about Coach Godek, Southern, his program and just the kind of guy he is,” Saucier said.

Davis said two reasons for him were that it was still reasonably close to home and since it is a state school was much more financially attractive.

The left-handed Davis completed 64 percent of his passes for the 7-3 Centaurs this past season for 1,526 yards and 18 touchdowns.

He also rushed for another 961 yards and 12 more scores.

He is going to the Owls as a quarterback.

“As of right now, that’s the plan. If something happens down the road, then maybe defensive back or receiver are also options,” Davis said.

“Ethan is a football player and I think that is what they saw,” Saucier said. “They will find a spot for him and will mold him into wherever they need him. Ethan is open to that idea.”

Michalski knows his role.

He is an offensive lineman and Godek is a lineman’s type of coach.

“He’s a big guy,” Michalski said with a laugh. “He knows what he is talking about. I’m pretty sure he will have the leadership and give me the tools I need for my trade, to become the best form of myself.”

Both realize that the work, however, is not done.

It’s just beginning.

“I talked to both of them and told them that they’re going from being the big fish back to starting at the bottom. The condition that they show up in at camp is going to be huge. Both guys have to go in there in the best possible shape and condition that they can be in. They’re going to weed out people who aren’t ready,” Saucier said.

Michalski said what he has been doing for the last four years; lifting on campus at Woodstock Academy at 6 a.m., having the team over to his family’s barn for additional lifting and team bonding sessions, and of course, football practice, has begun to prepare him for what lies ahead.

He fully expects, however, he will have to multiply that regimen by a factor of, at least, five.

But he will have some support and that support will be on campus in the form of Davis.

“He’s been my quarterback for four years and I know him really well. We have a good connection and it’s good to know you have someone you know and are comfortable with alongside you for the next four years. We’re probably going to room together and thrive together. It’s nice to have someone with you when you are trying to get through the whole college process,” Michalski said.