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December 2023 Alumni Spotlight


Hometown: South Woodstock, CT

Currently Living In: Bergen, Norway. After college I lived in San Francisco for a few years and my roommate there was Norwegian. She asked if I wanted to visit her hometown one summer. The midnight sun stole my heart and I decided to move to Norway. I got my citizenship a while back, so now I’m dual US/Norwegian.

WA Class of: 1987

Best WA Memory: Hill Singers and acting in musicals performed on the stage in the Academy building.

Favorite Teacher: Dr. Robert Smith instilled in me a love for literature and theater: which helped me when I later became a lyricist.

After Graduation: I graduated from Tufts University and worked in San Francisco for a few years before moving to Norway. In Bergen, I was the vocalist/lyricist in the Norwegian Grammy-nominated band Tweeterfriendly Music, signed to Warner. (You can listen to us on Spotify). I also signed a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing. 

Today: I live with my husband of almost 30 years and our two teenage boys. We love exploring Europe, visiting family in the States and hosting them here. I write lyrics for various bands, most recently for The Last Hurrah!!

WA Takeaways: WA provided me with a strong musical background which helped prepare me for my performing career.

Advice for Students Considering Attending The Woodstock Academy: I would say go for it! I loved the campus feel and the gorgeous surroundings.