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Taewoo '22

South Korea

From Ansan, South Korea, Taewoo and his family decided that The Woodstock Academy’s student life and the course offerings were the right fit for him. Academics are important to Taewoo, as he came to the United States to study and gain a variety of life experiences. Having spent most of his time at WA through a pandemic, eLearning, and being distanced from friends and family, he has still had wonderful experiences and continued to thrive in and out of the classroom.

Discovering a love for science, and more specifically, anatomy and physiology, he joined the Medical Club to both share his knowledge and learn even more about the medical field surrounded by his peers.

Of all his accomplishments, Taewoo is most proud of his grades, recognizing such when he started to apply for college and see all his hard work over the years come to fruition. Among his grades, he proudly shared his outstanding achievement recognition in Guitar at Academic Convocation.

Taewoo’s focus was to finish his senior year with good grades. He is unsure of what he wants to study but plans to “study deeper in university” to further his education.

“The teachers at The Academy are very supportive of me, which makes me feel really comfortable whether I’m facing a tough situation or a challenging academic problem.”