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Maddox Stott '24 Commits to Boston Conservatory


For senior and Thompson resident Maddox Stott, the diversity of course offerings at The Woodstock Academy was the initial draw, and the support he’s received since enrolling has made him certain that WA was the right choice. He recently committed to the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music, where he’ll study contemporary dance with a full tuition scholarship. 

“The Academy supports each person in their goal,” said Stott. “Both of my counselors never had any doubt in me and my future. I felt supported the very moment I stepped in this school.”

Stott started dancing at such a young age that it is a part of even his earliest memories. His favorite style of dance to perform is contemporary ballet. “I love the combination of classical ballet and the newer age of dance that pushes boundaries and takes risks,” said Stott.

But growing up, he didn’t always feel encouraged to pursue his dream of a career in dance. “I just thought it was a silly idea,” said Stott, who admits that academic counselors at other schools tried to dissuade him from what they considered an impractical career path. “I knew in my head and heart that they were wrong. Dance allows me to express myself and my artistic abilities. It makes me feel like me.”

Now, he’s headed to one of the most prestigious dance programs in the country, but the road to acceptance wasn’t easy. First, he had to apply to Berklee College of Music, the main college that his conservatory falls under. This was followed by a second application and interview to complete an artistic review of his training, achievements, and special skills. After an additional online interview, Stott was invited to audition in Ballet and Modern and perform a solo for a panel of judges. Lastly, he was interviewed regarding his plans for a career in dance. After such an intense application process, he feels incredibly honored to have been selected by the school. “I chose Boston Conservatory because they specialize in shaping dancers to become their best self as a dancer and even as an individual,” said Stott. “I know they can assist me in reaching my goals to become a professional dancer.”

His dream is to sign a contract with a dance company that travels around the world, such as Nederlands Dans Theatre or Complexions Ballet, but dance is not his only interest. After participating in WA’s Japanese exchange program and hosting Bunan High School students Haru and Rinatro, Stott felt inspired. “That week made an everlasting impact on me,” said Stott, who formed strong connections with his Japanese guests, inspiring them to learn new words and phrases. “Not only did I inspire them, but they inspired me to teach students from different countries. This is something that brought me a lot of happiness.” Stott keeps in contact with Haru and Rinatro daily and now counts them among his closest friends. 


“The Academy really makes you feel like you have a purpose,” said Stott. “I would have never even thought of pursuing an additional career in teaching across the globe if it wasn’t for the Japanese exchange program. It’s opportunities like this that The Academy offers you to help you learn more about yourself.”