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Chandler Folkerts ’25 Selected for Prestigious Internship in Cancer Research at Yale

The Woodstock Academy proudly announces that junior Chandler Folkerts has been selected out of 400 applicants for an exclusive summer internship opportunity with Rochester Institute of Technology’s groundbreaking cancer research program, located at Yale University. The computational biology internship, through the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), focuses on coding and modeling the intricate mechanisms of cancer invasion into fat tissue, a vital area in understanding and combating cancer.

The AEOP offers youth and teachers opportunities for meaningful science, technology, engineering, and math experience, competitions, and paid hands-on internships alongside U.S. Army researchers. These internships help participants gain skills and unique experiences needed to prepare for STEM careers while supporting America’s innovation goals.

Although Folkerts didn’t always consider himself especially skilled at science, he has always loved the subject, and with the friendly encouragement of his sister, he enrolled in AP Biology last school year. From there, he began to excel, and Chandler credits his teachers for helping him discover science in a different light. “With the guidance and encouragement of teachers like Mrs. May and Mrs. Geyer, I discovered my passion for STEM and the life sciences."

“Chandler started Accelerated Bio with an aptitude for science that he had not yet found, but I recognized a curious and insightful student with the first couple of weeks,” said Valerie May, AP Biology Teacher at The Woodstock Academy. “Chandler sought out internships on his own and had the courage to apply. Any internship such as this is highly competitive! I'm very proud of what he has achieved,” she shared.

The internship will provide Folkerts the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge research environment and receive formal mentorship from a professional scientist. Mentors provide direct guidance, coaching, and networking opportunities that will help propel a career in STEM for participants. 

“I’m most excited about working inside of a research lab and gaining experience of what it's like to be a researcher. This is a stepping stone towards my dream career, and I'm honored to learn from some of the best minds in the field," said Folkerts.


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