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Messages of Hope Poster Contest

Amidst a pandemic, humanity is facing new challenges and struggles in a way we have never experienced before. For some, staying at home and social distancing has been a trying, stressful, and solitary time. Despite the difficulty of handling these real and powerful emotions, the students of The Woodstock Academy came together to guide those in need of hope during the pandemic.

In late April, students were challenged to share messages of hope in the form of art with the community. Mixing a generous amount of inspiration, creativity, and empathy, the Messages of Hope poster contest was born. Students created an 8x10 poster or similar digital media to share their message of hope to the public. Because students were at home participating in eLearning, they may not have had access to the art supplies found in the studios on campus, but they were able to use their WA-issued iPad to create and submit their work.

The best submissions contained a strong, positive message of hope, and used both visuals and words to convey their own theme. They also took into consideration the elements and principles of design to guide their composition. Out of over one-hundred submissions, there were 3 winners and 2 honorable mentions.

Grand Prize Winner: Kaitlin Birlin ‘21

Gold Award: Yiyang Hu ‘20

Silver Award: Chloe Forsten ‘21

Honorable Mention: Lily Quinn ‘20

Honorable Mention: Annika Leboeuf ‘23

Hope can come in all shapes, sizes, and perspectives, just like the artwork made by students at The Woodstock Academy. 

The Woodstock Academy is an independent, day and boarding, co-educational, college preparatory high school for grades 9–12 and postgraduates located in Woodstock, CT. The mission of The Woodstock Academy is to prepare all students by providing diverse opportunities through a rigorous curriculum and a variety of programs in order to cultivate the necessary skills to become lifelong learners and global citizens.