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Return to eLearning Schedule

In response to an event on the evening of Friday, November 13, where a number of students from around the region gathered, The Woodstock Academy administration has decided to return to an eLearning schedule until the Thanksgiving break. A determination to reopen will be made, in conjunction with the state department of health, at a later date. 

It is important to note, that there have been NO confirmed positive cases on campus and that the precautionary actions of the school are necessary to ensure the health and safety of students, employees, and the community at large.

All school activities, athletic events, and practices are canceled until participants hear alternate plans from The Woodstock Academy.

Tuesday, November 17, will be an eLearning day for Gold students who would have attended classes on campus. We encourage Blue students to attend the third and fourth period classes, and for virtual students to attend periods one through four. Wednesday the 18 through Friday the 20 will continue as normal eLearning days. Monday, November 23, will be changed to a B eLearning day.

The updated school calendar is available at

If you are not receiving notifications from The Woodstock Academy, please follow the steps on


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