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Planning for Second Semester

Planning for Second Semester

As The Woodstock Academy prepares for the start of the second semester on January 28 we are asking families to complete a short form indicating whether each student intends to participate in the on-campus learning part of the hybrid schedule or to remain fully-virtual.

Our hybrid schedule has not changed, but the circumstances impacting a student's decision to be on campus or not may have changed.

All students will continue to participate in live eLearning on Wednesday-Friday each week. Students who participate in the on-campus portion of the hybrid schedule will come to campus on their assigned day of the week (Monday or Tuesday). Some students will be asked to attend additional days, but that will be through individual conversations with families, students, and their guidance counselors.

Students who opt to be fully-virtual will complete asynchronous assignments from home on Monday or Tuesday and will not participate in on-campus extra-curricular activities such as music or athletics. 

We ask that you complete a form for each of your students by January 15 so we can plan accordingly. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s school counselor; they will be able to provide specific information about your child. 


Notification of Intent Form