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Re-Opening & Continuity of Educational Services Plan

Dear Woodstock Academy Community,

We hope this communication finds you healthy and safe. As we enter a new year, our 221st, we wanted to inform our community about our re-opening plans for the 2021-2022 school year and our plans to support students as we return to a, hopefully, normal school year.

The Woodstock Academy maintains its commitment to preparing students for a lifetime of learning. Even through the disruptive factors during the crisis, The Academy preserved its high-quality educational experiences and its commitment to the health and well-being of its student body. While we were not perfect in all we did, we continued to put the health and safety of our community at the forefront of our decision-making.

Following the recommendations and guidelines provided by the State Department of Education, the CDC, and the local department of health offices, The Academy’s plan addresses the necessary strategies in six key areas which will support and cultivate student success; these areas include Health & Safety, Social-Emotional Support, Learning Needs, Teaching & Instruction, Community Engagement, and Professional Development.

The following outline summarizes the focus of The Woodstock Academy’s plan for the re-opening and continuity of educational services during the 2021-2022 school year.  

Health & Safety

  • Masks, distancing, and handwashing policies as recommended;
  • Health screening, contact tracing, and quarantining protocols as recommended;
  • Healthy facilities & ventilation strategies;
  • Outdoor learning spaces;
  • Diagnostic screenings & testing protocols; and
    Vaccine clinic partnerships.

Social-Emotional Support

  • Professional Development for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) practices;
  • Instructionally embedded SEL activities;
  • Social reintegration of students through activities, clubs, and athletics;
  • Increased access to social reintegration activities, clubs, and athletics;
  • Family & community partnerships and services;
  • School-based monitoring team; and
  • SEL school-wide goal embedded into teacher and staff evaluation plans.

Learning Needs

  • Refresh summer program for incoming students and credit recovery options;
  • Extended-Year Learning summer program;
  • Student performance data assessment of impact;
  • Additional sections added to the 2021-2022 offerings; and
  • Increase access to high-speed and specialized technology.

Teaching & Instruction

  • Formative assessment practices to determine students’ academic baselines and benchmarks;
  • Curriculum modification & accommodations for learning gaps;
  • Instructionally embedded SEL activities;
    Student Success Plan development with flexibility and creativity to create a graduation pathway; and
  • Targeted programming, technology, and practices to customize and personalize learning options, especially for underserved students. 

Community Engagement

  • Website access to Re-Open & Continuity Plan;
  • Public comment and feedback collection mechanism;
  • Regular 6-month plan review and updates; and
  • Family engagement and support programs, activities, and communications. 

Professional Development

  • Continued training in SEL and diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Continued training in best health and safety practices;
  • Continued training in closing the achievement gap;
  • Continued training and support for school data teams; and
  • Continued training for student and family engagements.

This is just an outline of our plan. Please note that there are many more specifics to each strategic area. As we are preparing for a full opening in the fall, we are asking for any members of our community who have feedback related to the areas above, please send questions, concerns, and comments to Associate Head of School Holly Singleton at

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on campus. More specific information related to the fall 2021 opening of The Academy will be forthcoming. 

Thank you for your continued support,
Christopher J. Sandford
Head of School

Holly Singleton '86
Associate Head of School