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September 2022 Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Jennifer Main Rutberg


Hometown: North Woodstock 

Currently Living in: Fort Collins, Colorado

WA Class of: 1991

Best WA Memory: Running down through the cemetery and the dirt road that went down behind the school, toward Arvidson road in the fall. I loved the canopy of trees, old stone walls, and fresh apples! 

Favorite Teacher: Paul Graseck-He taught Western Civilization and was my cross-country coach.  He brought very engaging teaching styles that I first thought were bizarre as a teenager. He was actually asking us to be curious and to think!

After Graduation: I went on to a Bachelors in Anthropology from Dartmouth College, followed by a few years in Boston, then Medical School at the University of Rochester (NY).

Today: First I’m a very fortunate mom, wife, dog lover, runner. Sometimes I manage to not embarrass my kids. Lastly, after 20 years practicing medicine, I’m a physician executive at Banner Health. 

WA Takeaways: The Academy was a fixture on the landscape of my childhood—as a beautiful campus on “the hill” where I had a solid foundation and roots to take chances and learn how to think and build relationships of value. I was involved in everything I could be— and was as prepared, if not more so, as those I met in college and beyond.

Advice for Future Centaurs: Dare to become the person you are meant to be. Be curious and question things you believe with thoughtfulness and rigor.  Soak in the genuineness of the small New England town. Ask what it has to teach you and your family.