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How to Find the Right High School for You

How to Find the Right High School for You

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How do you decide which high school is the right fit for you? Should you stick with your local public school? Attend a private school as a day student? Live on campus at a boarding school? Enroll in an American school as an international student? Each family needs to make this important decision based on their student’s individual needs. Here are the top 4 things to consider when making a decision about which high school to attend:

  1. Programs

What are your favorite school subjects? Are you looking to participate in performing arts, robotics club, ice hockey, etc.? Although you may not be ready to focus on a specific college major or career path just yet, you want to make sure that the high school you attend offers a variety of programs to suit your needs. Do your research. What programs are available at the school and which academic and extracurricular offerings do they seem to be most well-known for? Will this school provide you with the opportunities you need (such as AP and Advanced courses) to get into your desired university upon graduation?

  1. Culture

Can you see yourself fitting in and finding a home at the school? What are the school’s values? Reading their mission statement and history is a great start, but what does their online presence (website, social media, etc.) show you about the culture of the school? Are students involved and enthusiastic? Are the faculty and staff accomplished, warm, and welcoming? Dig deep to uncover if your goals and values are compatible.

  1. Cost

Of course, it’s important to consider if a school’s tuition lines up with your family’s budget and financial needs. Investigate financial aid and scholarship offerings and have open and honest conversations as a family with the school’s admissions team.

  1. Visit

If possible, visit the school to tour the campus and meet some of the faculty and staff. It’s best to visit when there is an event (like an Open House) during the school year, so you can get a sense of student life on campus. Ask your tour guide lots of questions, and let them know what’s most important to you—a close look at the athletic fields, theater space, the art gallery, a dorm room, etc. If you can’t visit in-person, see if there are any virtual tours or videos available on the school’s website and schedule a virtual meeting with a member of the admissions staff.

If you think The Woodstock Academy could be the right choice for your family, we encourage you to take a look at our program offerings, learn more about our values, history, and culture, research tuition and financial aid options, and schedule a visit. If you like what you see, apply today!