Spring Athletic Awards Night

Posted by Marc Allard, Sports Information Director on 6/11/2019

Spring Awards Night brings conclusion to 2018-19 athletic season at The Woodstock Academy

The 2018-19 athletic season at The Woodstock Academy officially came to a close on Monday night at the Loos Center for the Arts on South Campus.

The final event of the year, the Spring Sports awards, honored those who participated in athletics over the last three months of the school year.

Among the highlights of the spring season at Woodstock Academy was two teams bringing home Eastern Connecticut Conference tournament titles.

The girls lacrosse team did so for a first time and the girls golf program won for a sixth time in the nine years that the tournament has been held.

The girls tennis team tied for a regular season ECC Division I title with Stonington.

Other accomplishments of note in the spring included senior Mason Stewart finishing as one of the tri-medalists in the ECC Open boys golf championship.

Senior Emma Ciquera was named Class M second team All-State and also claimed the Most Valuable Player Award in the ECC girls lacrosse tournament championship match.

Junior Marina Monrabal was crowned the fastest female runner in the ECC when she won the 100-meter race at the ECC Championship meet.

The boys lacrosse team qualified for the Class M state tournament for the first time since 2016.

The Special Olympics soccer program traveled to Southern Connecticut State University and received a bronze medal for its efforts.

The second William M. Bertrand golf award was given out during the Spring Sports awards.

The male recipient was junior Grayson Walley.

The award is significant of a golfer who shows uncommon determination and dedication to make the most of his or her ability.

The female recipient was senior Katherine Harrington who was honored with it on Senior Awards Night.

The Coaches' Award is given to athletes who demonstrate a hardworking, unselfish, positive and competitive attitude and in the opinion of the coaching staff is a model for other team members to follow.

Two varsity and one JV coaches award were given for every sport.

Recipients of those awards were as follows:

Boys Golf

Varsity coaches’ awards: Mason Stewart and Owen Borski

JV coaches’ award: Eddy Chen

Girls Golf

Varsity coaches’ awards: Linda St. Laurent and Kaily LaChappelle

JV coaches’ award: Jillian Marcotte

Special Olympics soccer/Unified Fitness program

Varsity coaches’ awards: Nathan Olson and Emmalee Binette

Girls Track and Field

Varsity coaches’ awards: Marina Monrabal and Linsey Arends

JV coaches’ award: Ainsley Viano


Marina Monrabal and Linsey Arends received coaches' awards from Josh Welch during Spring Sports Awards Night

Boys Track and Field

Varsity coaches’ awards: Kenneth Birlin and Lucas Couture

JV coaches’ award: Aiden Lisee

Boys Lacrosse

Varsity coaches’ awards: Guerin Favreau and Ethan Holcomb

JV coaches’ award: John Pokorny

Girls Lacrosse

Varsity coaches’ awards: Hallie Saracina and Kileigh Gagnon

JV coaches’ award: Aurissa Boardman

Girls Tennis

Varsity coaches’ awards: Morgan Bassett and Emma Durand

JV coaches’ award: Julia Dearborn

Boys Tennis

Varsity coaches’ awards: Luigi Boselli and Matt Tiffany


Varsity coaches’ awards: Luke Mathewson and Nathan John

JV coaches’ award: Aiden Russell


The Woodstock Academy Baseball team handed out its coaches' awards during Spring Sports Awards Night



Varsity coaches’ awards: Julianna Nuttall and Hannah Burgess

JV coaches’ award: Madison Nichols


The baseball team also was honored by the Eastern Board of Approved Baseball Umpires as it received the Roger LaFrancois Memorial Sportsmanship Award from the group. Girls Lacrosse coach Kathleen Johnson also gave out special awards to departing seniors Emma Ciquera, Ivy Gelhaus and Arielle Johnson for their contributions to the program for the last four years.

Those who won ECC Sportsmanship and Scholar-Athlete Awards this spring were also recognized.

ECC Sportsmanship Award winners:

Boys golf: Jake Starr

Girls golf: Alex Vaida

Boys outdoor track: Noah Pepper

Girls outdoor track: Megan Gohn

Girls lacrosse: Lauren Hovestadt

Boys lacrosse: Zachary Douglas

Girls tennis: Sophia Rakovan

Boys tennis: Luigi Boselli

Baseball: Matt Moffitt

Softball: Julianna Nuttall


The ECC Sportsmanship Award recipients  


ECC Scholar-Athlete Award winners:

Boys golf: Liam McDermott

Girls golf: Katherine Harrington

Boys outdoor track: Nathan Craig

Girls outdoor track: Maddie Grube

Girls lacrosse: Emma Redfield

Boys lacrosse: Gabe Geyer

Girls tennis: Caitlyn Sroczenski

Boys tennis: Aidan Stewart

Baseball: Nathan John

Softball: Hannah Burgess


 The ECC Scholar-Athlete Award recipients



The team with the best overall grade point average for the spring was the girls tennis team while the girls lacrosse team took home the honor of being the best-dressed team at the event.

Those who received honorable, mention, All-Star or special awards were also recognized for their efforts.

ECC All-Star, honorable mention and special awards:

  • ECC 1st team All-Star in girls lacrosse, Most Valuable Player of the ECC tournament championship match and Class M second team All-State athlete: Emma Ciquera
  • An ECC All-Star in girls track and field and the winner of the 100-meter in the ECC championship meet: Marina Monrabal.
  • One of the three individual winners of the ECC boys open golf tournament and an ECC All-Star: Mason Stewart.
  • ECC 1st team Division II Baseball All-Star: Luke Mathewson.
  • ECC 1st team Division II Baseball All-Star: Eric Preston.
  • ECC 1st team girls tennis singles All-Star: Mari Ruggeri
  • ECC 1st team girls tennis doubles All-Star: Caitlyn Sroczenski
  • ECC 1st team girls tennis doubles All-Star: Adeline Smith
  • ECC 1st team boys tennis singles All-Star: David Fleck
  • ECC 1st team boys tennis doubles All-Star: Aidan Stewart
  • ECC 1st team boys tennis doubles All-Star: Stefan Chervenkova
  • ECC 1st team girls lacrosse All-Star: Ivy Gelhaus
  • ECC 1st team girls lacrosse All-Star: Arielle Johnson.
  • ECC 1st team girls golf All-Star: Linda St. Laurent
  • ECC 1st team girls golf All-Star: Kaily LaChappelle
  • ECC 1st team softball All-Star: Hannah Burgess.
  • ECC Honorable Mention boys tennis singles: Riley Douglas
  • ECC Honorable Mention boys lacrosse: Guerin Favreau
  • ECC Honorable Mention baseball: Nathan John
  • ECC Honorable Mention softball: Hannah Chubbuck
  • ECC Honorable Mention softball: Heather Converse



ECC All-Star, honorable mention and special award recipients