• The IT Office at The Woodstock Academy is a resource for technical assistance. We are happy to offer support on our systems to academy employees and students, as well as the parents & guardians of enrolled students. Our team's broad knowledge of information technology systems and beyond helps us provide top-notch support, and drives us to continually research and improve the systems that are implemented. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Matthew Godzik
    Director of Information Technology

  • Common Help Topics (KB)

  • Email: WA Email Setup on Personal Phone

  • iPad: Accessories

  • iPad: Accidental Damage

  • iPad: Apps Missing / WA Assist

  • iPad: Canvas work is not submitting

  • iPad: Email/Calendar/Notes apps missing content or saying "Server Error"

  • iPad: Lost/Misplaced

  • iPad: Personal iPad Use

  • iPad: Teams is Laggy/Video doesn't load.

  • iPad: VPN (Virtual Private Network) Use

  • KeyFob: How & Where do I use my KeyFob?

  • Office Products: Personal Device Installation

  • Printers: How do I print?

  • VMWare Horizon: How do I use & What is VMWare Horizon?

  • WiFi: Which Wi-Fi do I connect to?