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    Quick Job Training - Admissions (Ticket Taking)

    Call time: 1.5 hours prior to show

    Reports to: House Manager

    Attire: Dress Blacks (unless otherwise specified by House Manager)

    Description: The Admissions/Gate/Ticket taking volunteers are in charge of validating tickets at the door, and allowing guests into the theater (or other venue if applicable). This volunteer uses their personal device, with prior download of "Axess" to their personal iPhone (6S or newer) or Android device with rear camera. The volunteer should show up to the event with a fully charged phone, as ticket scanning for 30 minutes will have a significant amount of battery used. Volunteers who are unable to install the "Axess" app, have poor battery life, or who have devices with cracked displays, or cracked rear cameras on their phone may NOT sign up for this position.

    How to:


      To download your tickets and continuously sync your scan data, you will need to be connected to a WA-Secure with your myWA username and password (Rentals, please use the credentials that were given to the production manager and/or stage manager).

    2. SIGN IN.

      ​Enter "admissions@woodstockacademy.org" as the ShowClix account email and "Tickets06281" as the password; then tap SIGN IN.


      ​​The first time you sign in to Axess, the app will automatically display the DEVICE SETUP menu, which allows you to select events for scanning. (You can access this menu later to edit your selection by tapping the DEVICE SETUP button on the main Axess menu.)


      • ​The menu displays a list of all upcoming events.
      • Tap any event to select it.
      • Tap an event again to deselect it.
      • Note: When selecting events to download, tap the checkmark in the top right to automatically filter the events by date (today or tomorrow).

    4. When you have finished selecting events to scan, tap DOWNLOAD TICKETS.

    5. When the selected events have downloaded successfully, a confirmation message will appear. Tap to dismiss

          A list of all selected events is displayed. All price levels are selected for each event by default.

      • If you are working a specific price level section (ie VIP), tap an event on this menu and select only the price levels that should be accepted.

    6. Tap MAKE SELECTION when you have finished.

    7. Tap DONE to complete the event setup. Now you are ready to scan!


    ​Tap LAUNCH SCANNER to open the main scanner view, which displays a viewfinder of your device’s camera. You can also tap the square target icon in the top right to activate the scanner at any time.



    • Position the scanner within 6-8 inches of the ticket.
    • Locate the barcode within the guided corners in the app’s viewfinder. (You may need to adjust the distance or lighting to allow the camera’s aperture to focus correctly. See the FAQ for more information.)
    • When properly focused, the scanner will automatically detect the barcode. (Some iOS devices allow you to manually focus the camera by tapping the screen while the camera is open.)






    Scan Responses

    When you scan a ticket, the scanner will display a notification to inform you whether the ticket is valid or invalid. If the ticket is invalid, the notification will provide some additional information about the problematic scan.



    • Valid. The barcode is valid for the event(s) downloaded onto the device and the ticket has been successfully validated.
    • Invalid (Ticket Already Scanned In). The barcode is valid for the event(s) downloaded on the device, but it has already been scanned.
    • Invalid (Invalid Ticket Type). The barcode is not valid for one of the accepted price levels for the event.
    • Invalid (Ticket Not Found). The barcode is not valid for the event(s) downloaded on the device.
    • Invalid (Ticket Void). The barcode is no longer valid for the event(s) downloaded on the device.
    • ​The message will quickly disappear and return to the viewfinder, allowing you to scan the next ticket.​

    For mobile and receipt barcodes:

    • Once the scanner has validated the barcode, the app displays a menu with all tickets associated with that order. ​
    • Tap CHECK IN ALL to validate all tickets at once, or tap individual tickets and tap CHECK IN to select the tickets that you want to validate at this time.
    • For tickets that have already been validated, you can tap CHECK OUT to allow the ticket to be scanned later. NOTE: Checkout Mode can be found by clicking the gear icon in the tope right.