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    Quick Job Training - Box Office*

    Call time: 1.5 hours prior to show

    Reports to: House Manager

    Oversees & Supports: Will Call*

    Attire: Dress Blacks (unless otherwise specified by House Manager)

    Description: The Box Office position is in charge of Box Office Sales, and for providing top notch customer service.

    How to:

    1. Upon entering the lobby, the Box Office volunteer will set up the box office MacBook Air or iPad and Credit Card reader
    2. Power on the MacBook Air or iPad, and then log in with the supplied Box Office credentials on the login screen. Crowd (Box Office) will automatically load (if not, contact the House Manager or Technical Director).
    3. For shows with the Will Call ticket option available; open the Admin interface > Click the Events tab in the top navigation of the Admin > Click on the Guest List button next to the event that you would like to print for. > Click Print Will Call Tickets. This will print all Will Call tickets for the event, with a leader ticket before each order, and provide the printed tickets to the Will Call volunteer. 
    4. Box Office uses "Boca Lemur via Ethernet" as the BOCA Thermal Printer for all ticket printing or receipts.
    5. After will call is completed, go back to Box Office to prep for Ticket Sales. 


    Processing Ticket Sales

    1. Select the Event from the Events section.

    2. Select quantity of tickets for each price level by clicking the numbered boxes below the price level headers. As tickets are added, the Cart will update the order total. Larger quantities can be selected using the Other option. (Note: For reserved seating events, the quantity buttons will select the best available seats within the chosen section.)

    3. Click the Checkout button. If any questions have been applied to any event in the order, they will appear in a prompt after clicking Checkout. 

    4. Select Delivery Options. The default delivery method is No Delivery, which is ideal for sales processed at the event that don't require providing the customer with a ticket. The options displayed here are determined based on your settings in Crowd's Preferences menu.

    5. Select a payment method. Options include Cash, Check, Credit Card and Comp. (This basic walkthrough assumes that a single customer is paying for the entire order. Please refer to the section below to learn about splitting a payment.)

    6. Edit ticket details. These fields are optional (e.g., First Name, Last Name, Email) and will determine the customer's information in your account. If an email is entered, a confirmation email will be automatically delivered to the customer upon completion of the order (enabled by default in your settings in Crowd's Preferences menu — you can choose whether to send on a customer-by-customer basis).

    7. Enter billing details. This option will change based on the chosen payment method.

    • Credit Card displays the following fields: Name on Card, Card Number, Security Code, Expiration Month, Expiration Year.
    • Cash displays a Cash Collected field and a Change Due field.

    8. Enter Account/Billing Address. All fields, despite the prompts, are required at The Center for accurate database. 

    9. Click the Complete Order button to finalize the transaction.

    10. Confirmation of the order will appear with various ticket and receipt action items.

    *In smaller shows or shows with limited number of tickets requested for will call, this job may also inherit the Will Call role