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    Quick Job Training - House Manager

    Call time: 2 Hours prior to show

    Reports to: Head of School

    Attire: Dress Blacks (unless otherwise specified by Event Coordinator)

    Oversees & Supports: All non-technical volunteer positions

    Description: The House Manager should have a deep understanding of emergency protocol, all non-technical volunteer positions, and a deep understanding of the ShowClix ticketing system. Prior training is required for this position.

    How to:

    1. This volunteer makes sure the lobby and house are ready to open to patrons by checking all exits, restrooms, and making sure that the heat/air conditioner is on the correct temperature setting.
    2. Counts and put the cash in the concession and box office drawers.
    3. Greet volunteers to be sure these individuals know which position they have volunteered for and understand the requirements of the position.
    4. At 30 minutes prior to expected performance start, the House Manager verifies all Ushers are in position, and opens the house. Once the House Manager verifies that 99% of tickets have been scanned in, the House Manager hands off the show to the TD/SM to call the rest of the show.
    5. The House Manager stays in the lobby during the performance to make sure that all is well. After the show begins, the House Manager and Box Office volunteer run a End of Day report in Box Office, and then verify cash sales. The House Manager then checks with concessions to remove large bills, and add smaller bills for change (if necessary) In events with Security, cash is then handed to the security team, who will transport revenue to the safe.
    6. The House Manager takes on the oversight for intermission, and at the end of intermission, hands the show back to the TD/SM.
    7. After the show, the House Manager verifies all guests have left the facility, and is the last person to leave the theater at the end of the night.