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    Quick Job Training - Usher

    Call time: 60 minutes prior to show

    Reports to: House Manager

    Attire: Dress Blacks (unless otherwise specified by House Manager)

    Description: Volunteers in the Usher position should have a good understanding of the theater's seating layout, in order to provide an excellent customer experience inside the theater. Ushers should check all seats prior to house opening and ensure no trash is left behind from a previous performance. There are typically 2 ushers per entrance: one for programs (if applicable), and one to guide seating. 

    How to:

    1. Program Usher (stands at door if applicable): Once the house opens, provide a program to each customer entering the theater
    2. Ticket Usher (stands just behind Program Usher): Ask each group of customers who enter the theater for their ticket, then point the customer in the quickest and most efficient route to their assigned seat*. 
    3. For customers in Wheel Chairs, assist the customer directly to their seat, and ensure that wheel chairs remain out of the aisles.

    *For non-assigned seating events, please gently remind customers as they are sitting to avoid "orphaned" (spaces between) seats.