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    Quick Job Training - Will Call*

    Call time: 60 minutes prior to show

    Reports to: Box Office*

    Attire: Dress Blacks (unless otherwise specified by House Manager)

    Description: Volunteers in the Will Call position are given a pre-printed stack of tickets, that are printed by the Box Office Volunteer, and then split and sort orders alphabetically for quick pick-up from customers. 

    How to:

    1. Ask the Box Office volunteer for the Pre-Printed Will Call tickets, then seperate each order.
    2. Each order should be sorted in the following manner: Top: Thermal Receipt, Bottom: Thermal Tickets with a paperclip to seperate each order from each other
    3. When a customer approaches the Will Call station, the volunteer should lookup the order by the name provided, and ask for Photo ID for verification prior to disributing the tickets.
           *In the event a customers order cannot be found, double check to make sure the order wasn't accidently combined with the order in front, or placed out of order. If the order is still unable to be found, the Box Office volunteer can re-print the tickets. Re-printing tickets should be a last resort only.

    *In smaller shows or shows with a small number of Will Call tickets, this job may be combined with Box Office